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Autism Medical Food Pioneer Brings Portfolio of Revolutionary Products to Amazon

New Products by Tesseract Medical Research Developed by Al Czap (Founder and Former CEO of Thorne Research)

NAPA, UNITED STATES, January 3, 2018 / -- A revolutionary leap in technology, which optimizes how nutritional supplements are delivered and absorbed in the body, is now available to the general public. Tesseract Medical Research (TMR) – the unique nano-nutrient delivery science company behind the groundbreaking AuRx™ medical food for the nutritional support of autism, as well as innovative nutritional supplements such as ProButyrate™ for gastrointestinal conditions – is releasing several of its therapeutic nutritional supplement products on Amazon for the first time.

Three TMR products are now featured on Amazon, including TetraCumin-QR™ (a tetrahydrocurcumin formulation), ProButyrate™, and QuerciSorb™ (an optimally absorbed form of quercetin).

AuRx, a medical food for the nutritional support of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), is a scientifically developed product formulated to address the unique dietary needs of the autistic/ASD patient. AuRx is solely available for use under the care of a health-care practitioner as part of a comprehensive treatment plan. As such, AuRx is only intended for sale to health-care practitioners and their verified patients. AuRx can be purchased through TMR or through TMR’s medical channel distribution partners, such as Natural Partners in Scottsdale, Arizona.

AuRx-DS™, a non-prescription nutritional supplement product specifically formulated for broader patient use, is now under development and is expected to be available online on Amazon in late February.

Tesseract Medical Research has quickly gained prominence in the natural products, medical food, and nutritional supplement industries during 2017, after Al Czap, the respected founder and former CEO/Owner of Thorne Research, announced a major technical breakthrough in his nutrient delivery research. Thorne Research, under Czap’s direction, pioneered the pure encapsulation movement that began setting the industry’s standards in the 1980’s for product purity by eliminating the need for binders, fillers, and excipients that can inhibit nutrient absorption. TMR’s new generation of products – developed by Mr. Czap and only available under the TMR brand – take a giant step forward by providing far greater absorption through a patent-pending delivery system that ensures nutrients are reaching their targets in the body and are available where they are needed most.

Summarized briefly, the proprietary TMR nano-nutrient process literally encases the individual molecules of an ingredient in its own unique carrier as part of the CyLoc™ process. Once encased, these nano-scale compounds shuttle ingredients for release to the targeted point of absorption in the body with the assistance of TMR’s DexKey™ release protocol. Prior to Tesseract Medical Research’s technology advancements with CyLoc™ and DexKey™, many supplemented nutrients were universally poorly absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract, thus inhibiting their intended benefit.

A similar absorption challenge is also remedied by TetraCumin-QR™, which provides this curcumin metabolite with the ability to be far more readily absorbable than the low rates typically seen in retail curcumin products. Tesseract Medical Research offers the only formulation on the supplement market featuring tetrahydrocurcumin as an individual ingredient.

TMR's QuerciSorb™ product also utilizes TMR’s proprietary CyLoc™ and DexKey™ technologies to enhance the absorption of quercetin, which is generally recognized to be less than 2-percent bioavailable in typical retail formulations.

TMR’s AuRx Medical Food for Autism will continue to be available to health-care practitioners directly from Tesseract Medical Research.

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