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Joanna Neff of The Light Expansion Center to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

LARGO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, December 7, 2017 / -- When you have a revelation, it has the power to change you forever. It's like every aspect of you goes, "Wow! I finally got it!" But it’s nearly impossible to experience these revelations when our most harmful emotions are trapped. Our trapped emotions can cause causing chronic illness, stress and pain. Releasing harmful emotions trapped in our body blows away blockages to more joyful living and openness to new ideas.

Joanna Neff is an energy healing facilitator and founder of the Light Expansion Center. She lives in Largo, Florida, where she conducts distant-healing sessions.

“I don't call myself a healer,” says Joanna. “I believe that I assist people in healing themselves. I guide you through a process of discovering for yourself what's standing in your way. That's the way I approach all my work.”

Joanna has found that “almost all healers begin as unhealed healers.” In Boulder, Joanna discovered a hotbed of alternative healing inspired by “New Age”/Old Wisdom. She took advantage of all these resources and made quite a bit of progress. She began studying with masters in Boulder and beyond, and learning the healing techniques so she could offer them to others. She describes it as a 19-year apprenticeship.

Today, Joanna specializes in a modality known as Emotion Coding Release, which allows for the permanent release of harmful emotions trapped in our physical bodies. Joanna locates where specific emotions are trapped, including in our energy field.

“I consider emotion coding release to be ‘the top of the mountain’. This is the kind of session that I feel liberates people more in their now lifetime here on Earth,” says Joanna. “We've been carrying a lot of these harmful emotions lifetime-after-lifetime. Because there are no Time or Space barriers to the methods I use, the results are powerful.”

What we think of as symptoms are really the keys to raising our self-awareness. Joanna helps her clients reflect on areas in their life they can become more conscious of, so they can experience more "Eureka" moments. It's a catalyst that moves you forward.

“Self-awareness is the key to life success for all of us,” says Joanna. “I am a teacher who also helps remove obstacles to people's self-awareness. This is how you transform from an unhealed healer to a healed healer yourself: through self-awareness that leads you to be able to make conscious, beneficial choices.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Joanna Neff in an interview with Jim Masters on December 11th at 12pm EST.

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