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Jared Hadaway Wants To Host Tie Dye Party To Benefit Children's Hospital

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Jared Hadaway 5

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You bet your bottom dollar I will be making my shirt. Maybe even two,”
— Jared Hadaway
SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA, FL, December 6, 2017 / -- Jared Hadaway thought long and hard to come up with a fun way to raise money. He wanted this event to be unique but also help a good cause.

Then the idea came to him. A tie-dye party for the community and all proceeds go to the local Boys and Girls Club.

"The great aspect of a tie-dye party is a person of any age can participate," says Hadaway. "There is no wrong way to make a tie-dye shirt."

Money Raised From Tie-Dye Party Goes To Charity

Hadaway's' idea is still in the planning stage, but he has reached out to potential vendors for donations. A tie-dye party takes careful preparation and making sure enough supplies are available.

He has already talked to several community leaders about the plan, and it has gotten a thumbs up so far.

"As a kid, I used to love to tie-dye shirts at parties," recalls Hadaway. "It was great to make a shirt you can wear, but also make a mess and not get in trouble for it."

The way a tie-dye party works is residents would pay a flat rate for a shirt and supplies to make their shirt. All of the supplies and accessories would be donated so Hadaway would incur no costs. The money raised from the event would go towards the Boys and Girls Club.

Incentives For Residents Participating In Event

While residents get to make their tie-dye shirt and be able to take it home, there are incentives and rewards available.

"Each participant will be up for various awards during the party," explains Hadaway. "From best shirt to best design, awards will vary once we get closer to the event."

Hadaway hopes he can get awards from local businesses in the area. These prizes can come in the form of gift cards to physical items.

When it comes to the event, Hadaway didn't want people just to appear and make a shirt, then leave. He wishes people to arrive and spend the day participating in different events.

"There will be vendors from different companies there providing entertainment," says Hadaway. "Anybody can come and enjoy the fun atmosphere. But only those paying for the tie-dye party can make their shirts."

Hadaway says one person can make more than one shirt. The more shirts a person constructs, the more entries they have for prizes. Plus, this means more money raised for the Boys and Girls Club.

More Ideas Could Develop For Fundraiser

While the event is still early in planning, Hadaway hopes to be able to raise more money for the fundraiser.

"I would love to have a big attendance and be able for some of the more creative shirts to be auctioned off," says Hadaway. "All of the money would then be part of the donation check we give to the Boys and Girls Club."

Hadaway also hopes to have a Boys and Girls Club themed shirt contest. This contest would be another avenue to raise money, but also give the club a design to sell in the future.

The more Hadaway explains his plan to residents, the more they hope the event takes place. It's a fun and unique event that hasn't been done before in the community. Hadaway wants all the supplies and shirts to come as donations. The companies that do donate will have sponsorship banners around the event.

Does Hadaway plan on participating in the event?

"You bet your bottom dollar I will be making my shirt. Maybe even two," says Hadaway with a smile. "I can relive my childhood and raise money for a great cause. I cannot wait for the day to come."

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