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Todd Kassal Preparing Community To Participate In Chores For Charity Event

Todd Kassal

Todd Kassal

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Todd Kassal 2

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Todd Kassal 3

Once a resident signs up, they will be assigned a worker, and they will exchange information,”
— Todd Kassal
MIAMI, FL, UNITED STATES, December 6, 2017 / -- In recent years, Todd Kassal has noticed a trend throughout his community. It's that sometimes the simplest chores in life are the ones people are willing to pay others to do. And by that, Kassal means house cleaning, yard work, painting, doing dishes, and more chores that need tending to every day.

"The easiest everyday chores are being passed off to others throughout the community," explains Kassal. "Most are being done by the children in the city. It's amazing to see children willing to do the dirty work. So I thought why not put this trend to work for a great cause."

Kassal came up with the Chores For Charity idea after researching what other fundraisers accomplished. He realized that teenagers around the community could work during the summer and weekend, and donate some of their earnings towards a cause.

The charity Kassal is planning to donate these funds to is the local children's hospital. He thought it would be an excellent idea for children to help out other children. After discussing with members of the community, Kassal realized the plan would be popular among other residents.

Plan To Raise Money And Help Teenagers Learn Life Skills

"The plan is to raise money for the hospital, but also get some things done around the city," Kassal says. "Once residents realize a percentage of the money goes towards a good cause, they will put the kids to work even more."

Not only will the cause benefit the hospital, but every teenager who becomes involved gets rewarded. Kassal hopes to have a pizza party at the end of the summer that will bring the working teenagers with the children in the hospital.

While the teenagers get to keep a high percentage of the money they earn, they also will learn valuable life lessons. Kassal believes the teenagers will discover time and money management.

"Their experience will not just be about making money, but also gaining valuable knowledge for life," says Kassal. "It's a win-win situation.

Once the planning is over, and Kassal provides signup sheets throughout the community, he hopes for a large turnout. Not only will there be signup sheets for workers, but also for people who need chores done.

Residents around the city can signup and provide what weekly chores they would like done. Kassal expects yard work, and general house chores will dominate the signup sheets.

"Once a resident signs up, they will be assigned a worker, and they will exchange information," says Kassal. "The two parties then can decide time and dates for the chores."

Kassal also believes when residents realize a percentage of their money is going towards the children's hospital, more work will be available. More work means more money raised.

Plenty Of Jobs Available For Workers During Summer Months

When it comes to jobs, anything a teenager can do will suffice. There will also be jobs available from the city, including park cleanups, trash pickup, and other general tasks.

"There's plenty of cleanup opportunities needed around the city," says Kassal. "Why not clean up the city while raising money for a good cause?"

Also, Kassal has spoken with companies around the city that will donate supplies and tools for the teenagers who don't have any. These tools will help those complete jobs they usually wouldn't be able to. The donations will open up more jobs for more workers.

The local children's hospital has been onboard since Kassal's idea reached the management office. They believe any donation would be beneficial and are grateful for Kassal's idea.

"I hope for a large turnout of workers and jobs, and at the end of the summer, presenting the hospital with a large check," says Kassal. "Everyone involved benefits from this idea and I hope we can put it into motion next summer."

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