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Bonnie Cappello In Early Planning Of Community Cleanup To Make More Green Spaces

Bonnie Cappello

Bonnie Cappello

Bonnie Cappello 2

Bonnie Cappello 2

LAKE MARY, FL, UNITED STATES, December 1, 2017 / -- It's time for a city-wide cleanup. This thought goes through the mind of Bonnie Cappello when planning a potential cleanup of areas throughout her city. From large spaces to litter scattered along highways, it's time for someone to do something.

While the idea is great for the community, it takes to develop a plan to be executed correctly. That's why Cappello is still planning on going to the city with the idea.

"There are plenty of cleanup events in the city, but there are areas that need attention," says Cappello. "There are green spaces that could use some landscaping and cleanup. These spaces could be playground areas for children. The results from the cleanup could have an enormous effect."

Steps To Organizing Proper Cleanup Event

Before Cappello goes to the city to pitch the event, she describes the steps in creating the cleanup. From volunteers to donations of equipment to food, the planning is more complicated than just signing people up.

"There are so many steps I have to make sure I complete before going to the city," explains Cappello. "I also want to get in touch with several potential companies about donations."

These donations Cappello is talking about are equipment for the green spaces following the cleanup. She wants to make sure these new areas start to evolve into a playground facility.

Some of the ideas for the other green spaces are community gardens, picnic tables, and an amphitheater for movies and plays. While these ideas are great, the areas need cleaning.

"These are all great ideas, but the cleanup needs to happen first," Cappello says. "I want this to be better than just a few people picking up trash along the street. I want this to be bigger than that."

Abandoned Spaces Need Attention And Care

While cleaning up specific areas of the city is a great idea, abandoned plots of land need cleanup too. These areas would benefit being available for citizens after cleanup.

When talking to city officials about the massive cleanup idea, Cappello states they are open to the idea. But there are some concerns.

One concern is having the right amount of people, so the cleanup is efficient. Not having a long list of names before the cleanup starts would diminish productivity. But Cappello is confident there will be volunteers from all over the city.

"I'm not worried about lack of volunteers," explains Cappello. "People care about this city, and while this cleanup would be on a larger scale, I'm sure more people would want to help."

Another concern is about having the right equipment for these jobs. Some of the areas Cappello wants to concentrate on will need more than trash bags and gloves.

Cappello recognizes this fact but is already working on a possible solution. She hopes to sign on various construction companies from the city to help with cleanup.

"There are plenty of businesses with these pieces of equipment that would love to donate time and machinery," Cappello excitedly proclaims. "They want to make a difference, and to them, this is just another day's work. But this work will go a long way to the community."

In the end, Cappello hopes these clean areas will bring the children to play more. Some neighborhoods don't have a playground, and children are playing in the street. These new spaces will keep the region safe, and let children have a place to run around.

"There are many benefits from this big cleanup," Cappello states. "It will be a lot of hard work and sweat, but at the end of the day, the city will be a lot better and greener."

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