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Mobile Patient Engagement Platforms Reduce 30-Day Readmission Rates in Arthroplasty Patients

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, UNITED STATES, November 17, 2017 / -- Online patient engagement platforms (PEPs) can provide real-time risk assessment of patients, allowing care teams to respond quickly and avoid an escalation of complications and costs. This increased connectivity with patients is considered to have a positive impact on care management performance. On November 3rd, Dr. Stefano Bini, MD, Professor, of Clinical Orthopaedics at the University of California San Francisco, presented at the American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons (AAHKS) Annual Conference in Dallas, TX, the results of a study performed on the impact of a PEP (HealthLoop) on 30-day hospital readmission rates after total joint replacement procedures performed over the course of one year. The study found that patients enrolled on the platform had a 1.4 percent 30-day readmission rate compared to a 4.5 percent readmission rate for patients not on the platform, a finding which was significant (P = .01). "We saw a clear signal that this sort of platform may actually decrease costs and improve outcomes," said Dr. Bini in front of an audience of approximately 2000 orthopaedic surgeons attending the meeting. "This type of platform is really well received by patients, with a nearly 90 percent adoption rate, even among an older population." An institutional review board collected data prospectively on all consecutive arthroplasty patients from January to December 2016 and compared 30-day readmission rates between groups.

HealthLoop extends the reach of physicians and care teams through automated, remote-monitoring tools that assess risk in real-time, allowing care teams to respond quickly and avoid an escalation of complications and costs. Digital PEPs show the promise of filling an important follow-up gap that exists in post-discharge care, promoting engagement while achieving better outcomes.

"The groundbreaking work carried out by Dr. Bini and colleagues at UCSF demonstrates that digital PEPs complement the workflow of care teams, are extremely well received by patients of all ages, and clearly lead to better outcomes," said Dr. Ben Rosner, MD, PhD, CMIO of HealthLoop. "We have seen an increasing number of studies demonstrating time and again, the huge benefits of these patient engagement and outcomes tools. And certainly, down the road, using these platforms for any patient discharged from either the inpatient or outpatient encounter, may become the standard of care."

More and more patients are acknowledging the positive benefits of engaging with their providers and soon they’ll begin to seek out this level of engagement when assessing options for receiving care. Dr. Bini noted during his presentation that “[patients] perceive me as caring for them better than I have done before,” indicating how much patients appreciate personalized content, empathetic communication, and feeling connecting to their care team. Dr. Bini said it best during his presentation: “Today's patients appreciate it. Tomorrow's patients will expect it.”

This study not only yielded positive feedback from patients, but also revealed the power of PEPs to allow physicians to operate at the top of their license. Dr. Bini noted that “8 percent of patients’ comments are answered by the surgeons,” indicating that non-clinical staff answer the remainder of patients’ questions and concerns. This frees up physicians from the administrative burdens that have become all too common in today’s healthcare settings. With PEPs, physicians can focus on what they do best: treating patients.

“These outcomes are statistically significant, eye opening, and demonstrate that the foundation of good care is daily engagement with patients,” says Todd Johnson, CEO of HealthLoop. “HealthLoop has figured out how to translate digital empathy and patient engagement into lower rates of hospital readmissions. For the past several years, we’ve seen frequent adoption of PEPs by physicians and hospitals throughout the country. As more and more solutions demonstrate clear improvements in quality, we’ll increasingly see them become the standard of care for every patient.”

HealthLoop enables care teams to engage all patients before and after admission through automated, daily check-ins. By sending the right information at the right time, HealthLoop identifies those patients that need help in real-time, allowing care teams to proactively intervene before costs and complications escalate. HealthLoop facilitates over 600,000 digital interactions every month. To learn more, please visit:

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