The Accent Coach Announces Information on How Speech Analytics is Changing the Face of Business

Many businesses get involved in analytics to determine the effectiveness of online marketing.

VERO BEACH, FL, USA, November 14, 2017 / -- Many businesses get involved in analytics to determine the effectiveness of online marketing. However, speech analytics is giving companies a new look at the processes they have in place. It can have a major impact on determining the reputation of a business and the success of individual employees, says Claudette Roche, The Accent Coach. Companies that have never analyzed customer calls may be missing out on important information, which could impact their future.

Speech analytics analyzes recorded phone calls and may be used in customer service departments and any other area that interacts directly with customers. It may be useful in identifying areas where employees need additional training while providing monitoring for the quality of customer service on these calls. Some software provides a transcription of the phone call so a supervisor or analyst will know exactly what was said and can pinpoint any potential problems. It also allows them to make improvements to any scripted responses.

Poor communication between agents and customers can negatively impact a company's reputation. It may be caused by lack of training or misunderstanding on the part of the employee. For those companies who hire globally, heavy accents can hinder communication with customers who may be located in a different region or country. Companies who discover a problem can initiate training or even hire an accent reduction coach to help the employee learn how to speak more clearly.

In some cases, the employee may not have been taught how to handle unique responses and situations from customers. If they are not trained in these areas, their poor response may be from lack of training rather than a lack of interest.

There are limits with the new technology. Voice recognition software may rely on keywords or have difficulty understanding a strong accent. Transcription programs must decipher the words under a thick accent to correctly transcribe the call. Business analysts must recognize limitations when using such services and ensure they are getting an accurate picture of contact with customers for their employees.

As Claudette Roche explains, "Businesses that hire globally for their companies must understand the challenges that are presented with someone who speaks differently than you and your customers." They must know how to handle issues that may come up and provide adequate training to ensure the staff has the tools it needs to perform the job effectively. Voice analytics is a growing trend to help companies improve customer service, but it also has limitations. It is important for supervisors and managers to be aware of the challenges involved in people from two different countries or even regions of the same country communicating with each other.

"Adequate training on communication is essential for a business' success," Roche states. "For some companies, that may include hiring a business speech coach to help employees improve the way they interact with others." As advanced in technology allow a company to be more informed, the information gleaned must allow them to better communicate and serve their customers.

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The Accent Coach
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