Castle V To Financially Support Thousands of Missionaries Through Ecclesiastical Entrepreneurism

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Castle V combines co-owning, co-living, and sharing to financially support fifteen thousands missionaries.

Instead of taking tithes and offerings to support missionaries, we’ll financially support thousands of them through ecclesiastical entrepreneurism.”
— Castle V Co-Founder

DALLAS, TEXAS, November 10, 2017 / -- Castle V’s vision is to bring one hundred and twenty-five people together to live and work inside a modern-day castle generating income from ecclesiastical entrepreneurism to support fifteen thousand missionaries a.k.a. Bolder Doers. The visionary behind Castle V is taking a page out of the Book of Acts and basing the God-size vision on three concepts found in Acts; co-owning, co-living, and sharing.

“Many Christians don’t want to work a regular job. They’d rather sacrifice their lives to help people that are less fortunate. Unfortunately, the lack of financial resources stops most of them from doing so. Castle V is about financially supporting people that are called to do God’s work.” states a Castle V team member.

The Castle V team plans on combining several Kingdom businesses from industries like film, technology, education, and pet. They’ll merge these companies into one employee-owned company placed inside a modern-day castle. Everyone inside the castle will be co-owners, have a say in the company’s future and share in the wealth the company creates. On top of sharing profits and competitive salaries, people inside the castle won’t have rent, utilities, transportation or entertainment expenses.

The castle’s most prominent money-maker is a planned 125,000 sq/ft film production facility slated to go inside the castle to produce four-hundred movies, documentaries, and reality shows God has blessed Castle V with. The team estimates by the second year of Castle V’s operation fifteen thousand Bolder Doers will be financially supported with salaries up to $60K a year.

“Instead of taking tithes and offerings to support missionaries, we’ll financially support thousands of them through ecclesiastical entrepreneurism.” states a Castle V team member.

A hundred plus people will live inside private apartments under the roof of a modern-day castle while working at a company they own. Castle V’s apartments will have bedrooms, living rooms, and bathrooms. No need for kitchens because cooking and cleaning are provided.

Onsite doctors, dentists, and veterinarians are other planned onsite Castle V services. Almost every conceivable amenity is planned for inside the castle. They include a movie theater, rock climbing, ice skating rink, water park, trampoline park, doggie daycare resort, surf simulator, wine and beer bar, and much more.

“For those Christians freaking out about a wine/beer bar inside the castle, we kindly remind them that Jesus’ first miracle was turning 150 gallons of water into wine - at a party late at night.” states a Castle V team member.

In Acts 4 believers shared everything. The vision to do the same inside Castle V. There’s plans to share some cool toys like RVs, boats, jet skis, ATVs, motorcycles amongst those living inside the castle.

For nearly twenty years, the visionary behind Castle V’s vision was fearlessly living the perfect life absence of God on a Caribbean island. Then, twelve years ago, they experienced a miraculous event that led them to believe God is alive and accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

“In the future, I don’t know what’s going to be harder for people to believe. That, a hundred and twenty-five people financially supported 15,000 missionaries or that God called a former twenty-year greedy atheist to carry out the vision.” replies the visionary behind Castle V.

Everyone person that wants to receive financial support to do God’s work is guaranteed to receive support if they attend Castle V’s free live-cast event on 11-11-2017 at 11 am CST. For more information go to

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