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Kardtects Building Cards Listed as One of the Top 2017 Christmas Toys on Hearthsong Website

Kardtects Grisroc Starter Set

kardtects building cards

Card House built from Kardtects Lost Desert Starter Set and Expansion

Kardtects Forbidden Jungle starter set

Kardtects is Classic Fun with a Modern Twist

MILLVILLE, PA, UNITED STATES, November 8, 2017 / -- Christmas is fast approaching, and top toy lists for Christmas are a great place to look for ideas on what exactly to get children on your own lists. The award winning Kardtects Building Cards is honored to be on Hearthsong’s list of Top 2017 Christmas Toys.

Kardtects is a new company bringing the timeless activity of building a card house to children of ages 6 and up. They are an ideal gift for a child who loves the creativity of building. Kids become Card Architects (Kardtects) by leaning card against card to build whatever their minds imagine. It could be a house, a snake, tower, or anything. That's part of the magic of them.

Jenny Kile, Founder of Kardtects, says, “I love to inspire back to basics play. Kardtects offers this by taking a classic activity and adding a modern twist. Kids are building Egyptian Temples, Castles, Jungle Huts, Towers, and more with our artistically and specially designed building cards.”

There are currently three different sets available in the Kardtects Building Card system; Grisroc, Lost Desert, and Forbidden Jungle. Each set features a different style of base wall card, and collectible expansion cards.

A starter set provides the perfect amount to begin building card structures. Expansion packs can then be added to these starter sets to transform structures to even more incredible and larger card creations.

Kile adds, “What a child can build is limitless. It is up to their imaginations.”

The building cards are of unique quality. They are larger than playing cards, and less slippery. This, along with their artistic features, makes building with them easier, faster, and more rewarding.

From having over 40 years of experience in building with cards, Kile believes Kardtects Building Cards are the Ultimate Building Cards. “They let children (and adults) build extraordinary card houses with a new found ease.”

Kile has even built a freestanding card tower over 30 feet high to demonstrate this point. “The Guinness Book of World Records states that a card tower using playing cards is around 25 feet high. I wanted to beat that height with Kardtects to show Kardtects is easier to build with than any other card. I did beat that height by building over a 30 foot high card tower. Kardtects is the ultimate building card.” Kile says.

When asked what kids are enjoying most about these exclusive building cards, Kile remarked, “The fact they can learn to build amazing structures with fun artistic features from the cards. It’s wonderful to see smiles on kids’ faces once they get the knack for ‘the lean’.”

The lean, as Kile calls it, is the way one card is placed against another card to have them both stand up. This lean can be learned first by using a card stand (included in a starter set), and then leaning a card against that card with stand. Kile says, “Once the knack for the lean is learned, kids are off to building towers as tall as them, without using any card stands. Because Kardtects Building Cards are larger, with unique texture and thickness, it doesn’t take long for kids to get the knack.”

Sounds like many kids this Christmas will be building card towers as tall as their Christmas Trees this year!

Jennifer Kile
Kardtects Building Cards
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Watch how to build a card house