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Stone Sculptor Terrell Kaucher Creates Meditative Kakemono Scrolling Posters that Inspire Our Higher Selves

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Terrell (Terry) Kaucher fell in love with the people, culture, and art he encountered along the Khmer Road which leads through Cambodia, Laos and Thailand

“My passion for rediscovering these little known anthropological sites led me to establish two companies: Emerald Triangle Tours and, most recently, Khmer Road Sculpture.” ”
— Terrell Kaucher (sculptor and artist)
SAN MARCOS , CALIFORNIA , USA , November 3, 2017 / -- On holiday in Southeast Asia, stone sculptor and Kakemono scroll artist Terrell (Terry) Kaucher fell in love with the people, culture, and art he encountered between Cambodia, Laos and Thailand along the Khmer Road. This ancient highway is no longer very distinct. It’s been overtaken by the jungle in many places. Yet, the historical sites along the ancient road remain, and as Terry learned about the Khmer civilization – its history, architecture, culture, and religion – his enchantment with the road grew. “This culturally rich area where Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand meet – the Emerald Triangle – has become my home,” shares Terry. “My passion for rediscovering its little known anthropological sites led me to establish two companies: Emerald Triangle Tours and, most recently, Khmer Road Sculpture.”

Terry has been conducting tours of the Triangle’s historical sites for more than a decade. (To book yours, visit In response to the shocking desecration and looting that (still) takes place at the ancient sites, he established Khmer Road Sculpture with dual intention: first, he wished to bring attention to the plight of the Khmer stone masterpieces. Second, he desired to share the serene, spiritual, and meditative energies of the Buddha images. “I have selected some of the most iconic Buddha styles in history to recreate, and I employ local artisans to assist me in the carving,” he explains. Terry sculpts magnificent stone Buddha’s with great care, emulating the same traditions practiced by the ancient Khmer craftsman.

In addition to his stone artworks, Terry also creates breathtaking Kakemono scrolling posters, which feature wonderfully textured and colorful prints of his iconic Buddha sculptures. When he learned of the traditional Kakemono art form, he flew across the world to spend a year in Tokyo studying this traditional style, an art requiring skill that artists and craftsmen spend an entire lifetime developing. Their work is highly prized in Japan, and the pieces that date back thousands of years are priceless. Terry began to play with idea of recreating the silk medium used for the scrolls. “I wanted to capture this ancient art form in a high quality, affordable rendition that could be made available to everyone. The process of recreating them took several years. The perfection of a silk-like fiber fabric that would allow the deep saturation of natural pigment inks was challenging. The two-piece slotted dowel and locking wedge is an expensive but necessary touch to keep with tradition.”

Peruse the Khmer Road Sculpture website and you’ll discover Terry’s eye-popping Color series, which feature vibrant, deeply saturated prints. His Antique series mimic the impression of ancient oil paintings, employing rich sepia colors to draw visual emphasis to the cracking and weathering of the stone masterpieces. Finally, Chinese characters complement the Buddha’s pictured in Terry’s Chinese Calligraphy series. He’s created his artworks to perfectly fit any space – small or large – and each is one-of-a-kind, authentic, and absolutely stunning. You can shop his Kakemono scrolling posters on his website. Stone sculptures are available by special request or commissions alone.

Spontaneity, experimentation, and adventure mark Terry’s endeavors, which draw from a deep love for humanity and history, and a drive to cause positive, sustainable change on our planet. His transformation as an artist is striking; the Khmer Road-influenced stone carvings and Kakemono scrolling posters seem alien to the custom car pin striping of his youth. His artistic and entrepreneurial journey has involved manufacturing cedar incense shingles, growing avocados and cherimoyas, and even developing a kelp-based fertilizer!

Today, Terry’s Buddha sculptures engage his audience in a meditation that inspires peace and unconditional kindness. Terry emphasizes, “This world desperately needs to come together for the sake of mankind. I feel a sense of pride knowing that my artwork may have helped to make someone’s day more thoughtful. Buddha has become a worldwide icon, representing peaceful calmness, serenity, spirituality, and meditation. My images of Buddha are meant to enhance the inner-self and to bring thoughtful meditation. Just the peaceful countenance of a Buddha image can bring good thoughts.”

Learn more about Terry and his artwork by visiting his website and social media, as well as Ebay, Etsy, and Amazon. If you check out his YouTube channel, you’ll find meditative and spiritual videos that showcase famous quotes from history and sage advice from Buddha.

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"Spiritual Buddha Posters" is the title of our YouTube trailer. Shows our studio and gallery and examples of our three styles of Kakemono scrolling posters.

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