Results Driven Marketing: Largest Women-owned Businesses in Philadelphia region

Results Driven Marketing Your Google Girls and Guys

The Philadelphia Business Journal published 2017 list of the Top 100 female owned businesses in the Phila., PA area and Results Driven Marketing LLC ranked #42.

Nothing makes me feel better than watching two of our Google Girls coding our Structured Data! ”
— Janeene L. High, CEO

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSLVANIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, October 22, 2017 / -- Results Driven Marketing, LLC an award-winning Digital Marketing Agency and advertising firm was named the 42nd largest women-owned business in the Greater Philadelphia area by the Philadelphia Business Journal. Founded in 2013, Janeene High, CEO, has directed the growth of the firm from zero dollars at startup to almost $2 Million in yearly revenue. The agency is 100% women owned.

The firm employs almost 20 people of which only 3 are men. The rest of the team is comprised of students or graduates of Temple University’s Fox School of Business. These talented young women are known as ”The Google Girls.” The men are known as “The Google Guys.” They are all known as “Googlers.”

Prior to founding RDM, Ms. High was a Senior Internet Marketing Consultant for a national digital agency. Janeene excelled while with the company for over seven years. She was in the top five percent of the IMC’s across the country. Janeene was concerned that the company was focused on obtaining new clients versus retaining existing clients. For six consecutive years, Janeene was the leader in retention of clients. Management was pressing her to sell more, and Janeene had developed a winning formula for retention and acquisition. She rarely lost a client. It is Janeene’s philosophy that she would rather keep her existing clients that than be worried about churn and replacement of clients.

RDM is a highly sophisticated Digital Marketing Agency located in Philadelphia and the suburbs. The clientele ranges from a few family-run businesses to large successful law firms and other business such as franchises. Recently a national non-profit signed on with RDM to boost their presence using inbound marketing campaigns. More will follow about this venture in the near future.

On the technical front, the team has developed two metrics for keyword research. Both are in Beta testing at the RD-Metric website. Besides winning coveted awards for SEO, PPC, Social Media and content publishing, the RDM team has started building out a small publishing group. The group now has seven hubs that include ebook creations and online store, a directory service, a backlink building service, a writers service bureau, a logo design service and a Digital Marketing Resources site.

The past year has been very exciting for RDM and the team. The company was granted a registered trademark for their core mission which is Turning Clicks Into Clients®. Subsequently, RDM has applied for a trademark for their video training character, Doctor Digital™ who will be hosting his own shows live while teaching about succeeding the art of SEO and life with a healthy website. Lastly, a trademark is pending for the company name, Results Driven Marketing™.
Absent any problems RDM anticipates receiving the two new trademarks by the end of the fourth quarter, in 2017.

Revenue growth exceeded projections and that growth was fueled by organic growth within existing clients. For the last full year recorded 2016, revenue grew by over 78% year to year. Retention rates for 2017 hover at over 97% which is excellent for a very competitive space. In August 2017, RDM hired a 3-member sales team to market to attorney firms where the existing business thrives.

Results Driven Marketing, LLC provides a 45-minute consultation and review of your existing digital marketing strategy. We will provide tips to help you accomplish your marketing goals. We will also supply you with strategic consulting reports that you can use to better police your existing digital marketing agency or understand how we may be of service and benefit to you.

If you want to learn how Results Driven Marketing, LLC can Turn Clicks Into Clients® for you, just contact us or call Janeene High at 215-393-8700.

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