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Former Intelligence & Defense Officials Are Preparing Citizens For Disclosure of Extraterrestrial Intelligence

The Disclosure Activists have witnessed a major step in the ET Disclosure effort after years of government inquiries, lobbying, public outreach, & speculation.

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, October 16, 2017 / -- The Disclosure Activists have witnessed a major step in the formal Disclosure effort after years of government inquiries, lobbying, public outreach, and speculation. Last week it was acknowledged by recently retired Intelligence & Defense officials that the UFO/UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon) are in fact, real. There is now a public, transparent group of former government insiders leading open research into their existence and the exotic, advanced technology used in their craft.

We believe these revelations are part of a well-orchestrated plan by elements formerly and currently within the U.S. government who are seeking formal Disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence that has been engaging our planet for decades. There are similar efforts underway in many countries around the globe. Several U.S. organizations that have played a role in this international Disclosure effort, including Paradigm Research Group (PRG) headed by Stephen Bassett, the Disclosure Project founded by Dr Steven Greer, and the Institute for Exoconsciousness, founded by Dr. Rebecca Hardcastle Wright (also a strategic adviser for The Disclosure Activists), who worked closely with astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell.

Several stunning admissions were made during a presentation led by Tom Delonge, founder of the rock bands Blink-182 and Angels and Airwaves and a notable UFO researcher himself, as well as a uniquely well-informed group of advisers. In addition to authoring books like Sekret Machines (co-authored with Peter Levenda and Paolo Costanzo), DeLonge has become an outspoken and prolific voice for the reality of the extraterrestrial phenomenon going back decades. There are dozens of radio interviews and YouTube videos with Mr. Delonge, who initially promised he was “working with a group of military and D.C. handlers to bring this out to the public”. These statements were validated several months later by the content of the John Podesta emails published by Wikileaks. The veracity of those emails has been confirmed by the Institute for Exoconsciousness.

In the presentation, DeLonge announced the launch of the To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science, a public benefit corporation designed to advance the research of UAP and related technology. Their mission also includes entertainment and media outreach efforts, like TV shows and feature films based on emerging ‘science fact’.

Also in attendance were the following distinguished members of the new corporation:
Jim Semivan — Former CIA Directorate of Operations
Dr. Hal Puthoff — Theoretical Physicist, CIA Psychic Spy Program, Space Time Scientist
Steve Justice — Former Director of Advanced Systems at Lockheed Martin Skunkworks — recently departed Lockheed.
Lou Elizondo — Dept of Defense, Office of the Sec of Defense, Senior Covert Intelligence Office, left just days before the release.
Chris Mellon — Deputy Assistant Sec of Defense for Intelligence, Minority Staff Director for Senate Intelligence Committee

The Disclosure Activists co-founder Russell Calka said:
‘It was revealed today that former Intelligence officials from the CIA and DoD have confirmed the existence of exotic technology powering UAPs — and that this technology not only defies our current understanding of physics, but also is not known to ANY Government-body on the planet. The team mentioned above has formed a private organization and it appears have struck a deal with Pentagon officials and the US Government so that the private sector can start allowing this information to flow out for all.’

Co-Founder Dr. Lisa Galarneau stated:
‘I believe the access DeLonge has been given, apparent in the team of intelligence, defense, and aerospace veterans he’s assembled — makes it clear there is government cooperation happening. He is a well-known figure in popular culture and well positioned to launch a renaissance in science fiction based on science fact. This is critical to public outreach efforts as he attracts and has access to large audiences. They have also announced plans to release curated government assets (declassified documents, photos, videos, etc.) of legitimate UAP events, as well as plans for advanced aerospace vehicles to the public. They even plan to build a craft themselves, according to their statements. This is a big deal considering their connections to Lockheed Martin Skunkworks and other organizations rumored to be working on such technology for decades at this point.’

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