PlayerAuctions’ Overview of Albion Online's Joseph Update

Albion Onlines Joseph Update

What Albion Online's Joseph update brings to the table: a new arena, new sites to collect silver, and new expeditions.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, October 13, 2017 / -- The Joseph update for Albion Online brings an arena to the game, with new items as rewards for playing in it. Plus, there are new treasure sites to plunder, a new casting system, expeditions, UI improvements, and unique abilities to learn (not to mention some bug fixes and improvements to old features).

The Arena

Team up with friends in the arena's 5v5 point control matches. Capture Runestones to keep your team's points and decrease the points of the enemy team. The process of capturing is halted when an opposing player enters the ring of a Runestone getting captured. However, the Runestone will self-destruct once a team succeeds, cementing the points for the team that managed it. You can get points by eliminating members of the opposing team.

The winning team will get Arena Sigils that can exchange for rewards. The redeemable rewards include armors, displays, banners, some mounts, and sigils. The Arena Sigils can be earned for the first three matches a day, with a maximum of three per match. That's a maximum of nine Sigils that you can earn each day.

Treasure Sites

Treasure Sites are replacing old Relic Locker sites. These sites are littered with Albion Online Silver that players can keep for themselves or their party. Anyone who enters while someone collects silver in it will automatically be tagged as hostile so that other looters can be quickly dispatched.

Breakable urns are scattered throughout these sites, increasing the amount of silver loot-able even more. Not only that, there could be one (or more) sarcophagus that can add more silver to collect. By destroying the sarcophagus and defeating the ghost that will appear, and you can grab more silver.

Smart Cast

Various casting styles are now available through the Mouse Control Settings. First is "Quick Cast on Button Press," which directs the skill on the ground where the cursor is on button press. "Quick Cast on Button Release" lets players aim the ability as long as the ability button is held down. A guide will appear to aid in the aiming, and releasing the button will cast the skill. Last is the default "Normal Spell Cast" that will change nothing.


Two new expeditions come with the update: the Three Sisters and Eternal Battle. Seek out a traitor only to find three ageless sisters of Morgana's cult in the former. The latter involves an ancient city and the undead, so just pick what is preferred!

The UI improvements make some things more convenient to do, and the new abilities are for Bows, Daggers, Cursed Staffs, Swords, and Spears. They're available starting at Tier 5. The bug fixes and other improvements, you need to experience for yourself, so go and enjoy the Joseph update!

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