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Sea Turtle Real Estate is awarded "Turtle Friendly Business" status by Indian River County Public Works

Sea Turtle Real Estate agents at the Barrier Island Sanctuary

Sea Turtle Real Estate is one of only nine businesses to receive Turtle Friendly Business status

VERO BEACH, FL, 32963, October 12, 2017 / -- Kendra Cope, Coastal Environmental Specialist for Indian River County, was excited to announce Sea Turtle Real Estate made a Turtle Friendly pledge in 2017 and passed with flying colors! From March through October businesses that are part of this program voluntarily go above and beyond basic expectations and requirements to ensure sea turtles have clean, healthy, and safe beaches to reproduce. Vero Beach and Indian River County beaches are some of the most productive nesting beaches in Florida. The area has experienced record nesting years since 2013 for both Green turtles and Loggerhead turtles. Much of that success comes from conservation efforts over time, like the Turtle Friendly Business program which focuses on businesses near to and adjacent to nesting beaches.

To be considered “Turtle Friendly”, businesses voluntarily pledged in February to meet turtle friendly standards throughout the nesting season which included: providing educational material to guests, promoting clean and natural beaches for nesting, promoting local sea turtle activities, like turtle digs, having turtle friendly lighting in compliance with the City or County lighting ordinance and much more. Each business which pledges to meet these standards undergoes a minimum of two random inspections twice a nesting season by people in the community. After all inspections are complete the businesses must successfully score a 95% or higher to be considered Turtle Friendly.

Ms. Cope thanked Sea Turtle Real Estate for helping to ensure safe beaches for the sea turtle population, noting Vero Beach enjoyed an average of 104 people at each of the 12 Turtle Digs hosted by Indian River County Public Works this summer, over 100 people at each of the 4 Turtle Releases this year, and almost 1 million sea turtle hatchlings counted.

Sea Turtle Real Estate is located in the heart of Vero Beach at 664 Azalea Lane, 32963 and specializes in residential real estate, focusing on one home at a time. Find Where Coastal Life Begins at

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