Commuters Frustrated by Rising Numbers of Recent SEPTA Accidents

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Why would a government run public transportation system seem to have so many accidents of which many are linked to negligence and not prioritizing safety?

Going up against well funded companies is one thing, but going up against the government is even more difficult.”
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PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, October 3, 2017 / -- SEPTA came into existence in 1964 and has been a dependable mode of transportation for residents and visitors in Southeastern Pennsylvania for many decades now. SEPTA is an acronym for Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority which is a system of trains, trolleys, and buses, used for public transportation in Philadelphia and its surrounding suburbs.

SEPTA has been governed by Local County rather than the state and has been through various crises. In recent times the number of accidents caused due to both negligence and not prioritizing safety has seen SEPTA at the center of many accident claims.

SEPTA, as many commuters already know, has been involved in quite a few train accidents. If SEPTA injured you or a loved one, a Philadelphia injury lawyer should be consulted before filing a case. We stress this point because it’s a government organization that you’re filing a case against, and getting them to pay up is not going to be an easy battle.

What Do You Do After The Accident?

All accidents are bound to have a physical as well as a mental effect on those who are caught in the mishap. If you were on board a SEPTA vehicle and were involved in an accident, the first step is to seek medical help and get your injuries treated.

Even if you think your injuries aren’t severe, you should call an ambulance and get yourself checked out by a doctor. Many injuries might not immediately be apparent. A medical practitioner will be able to tell you if anything looks suspicious. And you need to keep all of these documented in order to file your claim. If you are injured, you would probably miss work till the time you can go back to it.

Causes of SEPTA Accidents

Although SEPTA has many safety regulations in place, accidents occur which can put lives in danger. Finding the cause of a crash or an accident gives way to the next line of action, which is to rectify the problem and ensure the safety of passengers. Let’s take a look into the common causes of SEPTA accidents which should be avoided or rectified to make commuters feel safe when traveling.

Poor Maintenance

Poor maintenance is a prime cause of many accidents involving SEPTA, especially vehicles involved in mass public transportation. Hence regular inspection of vehicles (buses, trains, trolleys, etc.) and taking them out of service to have them repaired can bring to a halt many accidents.

Faulty Tracks

The train tracks where SEPTA trains ply must always be kept in optimum conditions. A faulty track can derail trolleys or cause brake failures. This can cause serious accidents and loss of life.

Driver’s Fault

Driver distraction has caused many serious injuries in the past. Mobile phones, food, and loud music are the primary causes of distraction to drivers. Drivers should keep all distractions at bay when they are driving since they are responsible for many lives while driving, including their own.

Other Vehicles and Pedestrians

On more than one occasion a SEPTA bus driver has hit an oncoming bicycle or a pedestrian and caused a fatal accident. The cause often time was because of the inability of the bus driver taking a turn to see the bicycle or the pedestrian because they were in his blind-spot.

Whatever the cause of the accident may be, as a SEPTA commuter you want to be assured that you are safe when you travel.

Nevertheless, if you have been a victim of a SEPTA accident and want to claim compensation, then it’s important that you contact an injury lawyer in Philadelphia to ensure that you receive adequate representation for your claims.

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