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Anglo-Australian Data Collaboration on Microgrids, EVs & Solar for Industrial & Public Buildings in UK

Wattwatchers - ultra-compact 3G devices for energy data over-the-internet

Gavin Dietz, Managing Director, Wattwatchers

Envisij Director

UK-based Envisij and Australia's Wattwatchers are working together to help business energy consumers navigate the exciting but challenging ‘new energy’ era.

Combining Envisij's energy management platform with Wattwatchers’ innovative site-based monitoring and control will be central to helping our customers achieve Smart Grid goals for their buildings.”
— Envisij Founder and Managing Director Gary Highton
SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, October 16, 2017 / -- With the United Kingdom surging ahead on electric vehicles thanks to government financial incentives and a scheduled ban on fossil-fuel vehicle sales by 2040, it’s a right-hand drive marketplace that EV-laggard Australia will be able to learn from - a lot.

The UK, meanwhile, can learn much from Australia’s global leadership on adding residential and small commercial rooftop solar PV into its electricity grids, and increasingly distributed energy storage systems as well.

Australia and the UK have a lot more in common than a distant colonial-era heritage with convict transportation overtones. For example, huge energy market challenges and opportunities, not to mention both driving on the opposite side of the road to continental Europeans and Americans.

Key energy system touchpoints for Envisij and Wattwatchers include the rise of EVs, proliferating solar PV for homes and businesses, on-site storage, energy efficiency and load control - coupled with costly transition debacles like vexed ‘Smart Meter’ rollouts.

On the subject of so-called ‘Smart Meters’, many Australian and British energy consumers have been discovering that these much-hyped digital metering systems turn out to be not-so-smart at all - too slow, too regulated and too inflexible.

The good news, however, is that there are now more intelligent, more nimble independent solutions becoming available to take energy into the Internet of Things (IoT) era.

UK-based software company Envisij and Australian hardware developer Wattwatchers are collaborating to help British energy consumers navigate the exciting but challenging ‘new energy’ era with the help of real-time data and digital technology.

Envisij Founder and Managing Director Gary Highton said his company’s new partnership with Wattwatchers would support UK business and public sector energy clients to continually improve their buildings’ energy infrastructure, including the new challenges of rapid EV uptake, distributed energy resources and load control to manage demand.

‘Businesses and public sector organisations are realising that they now have the ability to reduce, produce and shift energy use by deploying a mix of storage, renewables and EV-charging technologies via Smart and Micro Grids,’ said Highton.

‘The combination of the Envisij energy management platform with Wattwatchers’ innovative site-based monitoring and control technology will be central to helping our customers achieve Smart Grid goals for their buildings.’

Wattwatchers CEO Gavin Dietz spent nearly a decade (2005-2014) as a global technology executive with the world’s largest Smart Meter manufacturer Landis+Gyr before joining Wattwatchers in mid-2016. His new mission is to disrupt and outperform the old energy industry with energy management hardware that works with multiple software solutions.

‘The Australian state of Victoria had a $3 billion debacle with its mandatory Smart Meter rollout from 2009 to 2013,’ said Dietz. ‘Now, from the reports we are seeing, the UK is facing similar disappointments and frustrations with its national deployment of what’s now known as “Advanced Metering Infrastructure”, or AMI for short.

‘Far from being advanced, these inflexible technologies are becoming more and more out-of-date and technologically isolated because they are trying to be 15 to 20-year infrastructure assets in a fast-evolving digital age where two to five years is a more realistic lifespan for IT. At the same time time we have EVs, renewables, storage, demand response and more management items that must be added into the energy equation.

‘We need a whole new tool kit. That’s where a cutting-edge technological solution like Wattwatchers comes in, and it’s why Envisij has sought us out for this partnership.’

Priorities for the Envisij-Wattwatchers combination in the UK include:
- Using the ‘power’ of the Internet of Things to help commercial and public energy users to reduce their energy costs and carbon emissions.
- Helping customers plan for, roll-out and manage evolving Smart Grid projects in their buildings.
- Leading the blending of EV charging infrastructure with host buildings and their connection to the energy grid. This will ensure best use of existing electrical infrastructure, whilst at the same time minimising charging outages and excessive Peak Demand charges.
- Providing customers the ability to control the charge-and-release of stored energy on-site to minimise Peak Demand charges. At the same time using monitoring and asset control to blend investments in renewables and EV charging to ensure the entire Smart Grid mix operates in harmony.
- Creating an ecosystem to help customers operate Electric Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) programs in order to take advantage of UK National Grid incentives.

About Envisij - Envisij’s ‘energyware’ helps buildings and their energy consumers to reduce costs and carbon used. The Envisij mission is to help its customers become more energy efficient, constantly reduce their energy costs and maximise any investments in renewable energy sources. Envisij does this by making it very easy for energy consumers to understand how and when they use their energy. Envisij provides real-time visualisation of a building’s electricity, gas and water consumption, plus renewables generation, in easy-to-understand analytics. More information at

About Wattwatchers - Wattwatchers is an award-winning Australian cleantech focused on devices, data and communications to make behind-the-meter energy management ultra-smart, easy-to-install and cost-effective. A startup company based in Sydney, Wattwatchers develops and markets 'IoT for energy' hardware + firmware + software solutions to accurately monitor, analyse and control electrical circuits in real-time over the internet. Our mission is to empower people with data to help them save money, fast-track renewable technologies and reduce carbon pollution - while supporting electricity systems to operate more reliably and to integrate cleaner, more distributed energy resources into the grid. The internationally-certified Wattwatchers product suite is highly flexible, crossing over for residential, commercial and industrial, and utility use cases; and works with an expanding choice of cloud platforms, software applications and consumer interfaces. More information at:

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