Menadena Delivers New Website for Register Family Farm

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Register Family Farm Website

Menadena LLC has launched a new website for Register Family Farm to provide superior raw honey and honey products to consumers in the US and Canada.

Our new website is easy to use, looks great, and its mobile-ready, and this helps us serve our customers. Online sales doubled in the first month we had the new website.”
— Melissa Register
KEENE, NH, USA, September 16, 2017 / -- Register Family Farm is a honey farm located in Freeport, Florida in the Florida Panhandle. Serving consumers and sellers of raw, local honey, it is important to display information regarding the company’s products in an attractive, useful, and easily navigable website that may be useful to people who want to buy honey and honey products. The website must also faithfully represent the Register Family Farm brand and serve as a hub for managing customer, marketing, and sales services that Register Family Farm uses to grow its business.

Melissa Register, managing director of Register Family Farm said, "The best feature of our new website is that it is easy to use and looks great. This website makes it easy for people to learn about our products. It is beautiful, easy-to-manage, and mobile-ready, and this helps us serve our customers."

She went on to say, "Our online sales doubled in the first month we had the new website. More new customers are visiting the website and buying our products. Existing customers can login to make purchases and manage their account. It is easy for us to manage orders, provide discounts, and even issue refunds when need be so that we can deliver an excellent experience to every customer. As a result, we are getting more great reviews from our customers online.”

Menadena is a Shopify Partner and designed the website on the Shopify Platform using standard features and applications to ensure the website provides an excellent user experience for new and existing customers.

Menadena installed the Order Printer app so that Register Family Farm can modify Package Slips for different types of customers. This is useful for printing packing slips for wholesale customers or gift receipts that do not show product prices.

The Product Reviews app allows users to leave reviews for products on the website. Reviews can be simple star ratings or rating with written reviews as the customer chooses. This feature has resulted in best-selling products like Natural Bee Balm, Natural Honey and Beeswax Soap, and Raw Honey collecting a good number of reviews to help new customers decide if they want to buy.

Managing pricing and orders for wholesale customers was a major concern. With standard features like Discounts and applications like Order Printer it was easy to develop a simple workflow for wholesale orders within Shopify. Wholesale customers can place their orders exactly as before by phone, e-mail or purchase order, or use their account to place orders online.

Managing promotions was also made simpler using standard features available on Shopify. Register Family Farm advertises discounts on the website or through social media channels like Facebook and Instagram. With the Discounts feature Register Family Farm can manage discount features like amounts, codes, and duration, as well as specify which users qualify.

Analytics built into the Shopify platform provide the feedback Register Family Farm needs to manage its marketing efforts. The analytics dashboard is a snapshot of useful information like sales, store visits, repeat customer rate, average order value, total orders, top products sold, online store visits by traffic source, and sales by traffic source. This data can be used to calculate return on investment for advertising, marketing and promotions to identify the most efficient use of financial and human resources.

The online store conversion rate provides insight into opportunities for improving the conversion funnel. The conversion funnel includes the number of site visits that resulted in products added to the shopping cart, shopping carts that reached checkout, and checkout page visits that resulted in a purchase. Data like this provides Register Family Farm with an important feedback mechanism showing the impact of changes to each stage of the funnel.

The result is a beautiful, easy-to-manage website with 24/7/365 customer service provided by Shopify at a reasonable cost. Menadena continues to provide website design, search engine optimization, and marketing consulting services following the successful launch of the Register Family Farm website.


About Register Family Farm

Register Family Farm is operated solely by members of the Register family. We pride ourselves on keeping our honeybees healthy and producing quality products. It has been quite an adventure thus far, and being able to work together as a family in an endeavor that inspires mutual passion is truly a blessing. We believe in doing things well, and we sincerely hope that you see the difference. We are a veteran-owned, family-run, honey bee farm in Northwest Florida. We specialize in premium honey and handcrafted products. Register Family Farm is operated solely by members of the Register Family.

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