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Nina Kotova Releases Tchaikovsky Album to Critical Acclaim and Rave Reviews

Nina Kotova – Tchaikovsky is available to download on iTunes now. Release this week it has garnered incredible reviews on Huffington Post

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, September 15, 2017 / -- Nina Kotova, a Russian- American cellist known as a strong and individual artist has released an album covering Tchaikovsky to critical acclaim.

Nina Kotova is no stranger to praise, as her technical skill and passion as a renowned instrumentalist has seen her perform for the likes of Prince Charles and to esteemed audiences across the globe.

A Huffington Post review describes this new accomplishment with gusto, as the reviewer gushes, “Never have I heard the piece played with such precision, such passion, such lust and I became lost as I slipped through the rabbit hole to determine my own interpretations. The perfect pairing of Vladimir Fedoseyev, the conductor and Nina Kotova brings around a hunger, as if the two are discovering the joys of music for the first time, and their own talents for taking it to a new level that is holistically sublime.”

Nina Kotova discusses the music on this accomplished album, she says, “Although the Variations on a Rococo Theme showcase cellistic virtuosity, a thoughtful interpretation of the score is key to a truly deep understanding of the music. A refined sense of style encapsulated in the work’s title, ‘Rococo,’ is required to capture the elegance, depth, and poeticism of Tchaikovsky’s music. The music does not tolerate interpretive clichés imbued with sweetness, lightness, and an emphasis on the performer’s own personality. “The theme is said to be in the rococo style, yet it also reflects the purity of Russian melodicism. There are certainly references to the rococo style in both the music and its structure, but the work is in its essence, full, spirited, warm, and Slavic. The very first sounds of the orchestral introduction with its melodic intervals set the Romantic mood for the entire score, recalling the
musical verse of Pushkin’s Eugene Onegin. “From the first phrases of the recording session with conductor Vladimir Ivanovich Fedoseyev, his clear vision and powerful interpretive insight into honoring Tchaikovsky’s intentions were reassuring of my own beliefs. For me, the journey of recording Tchaikovsky in his homeland with a great conductor reaffirmed the true purpose of making music."

The album consists of:

Pyotr IlyIch Tchaikovsky:
1. Pezzo capriccioso, Op. 62 (6:24)
Variations on a Rococo Theme, Op. 33 (18:54)
2. Moderato assai quasi Andante—Thema: Moderato semplice (2:46)
3. Variation I: Tempo della Thema (0.53)
4. Variation II: Tempo della Thema (1:25)
5. Variation III: Andante sostenuto (3:52)
6. Variation IV: Andante grazioso (1:51)
7. Variation V: Allegro moderato (3:18)
8. Variation VI: Andante (2:42)
9. Variation VII e Coda: Allegro vivo (2:04)
Serenade for Strings, Op. 48 (34:08)
10. Pezzo in forma di sonatina: Andante non troppo—Allegro moderato (10:44)
11. Valse: Moderato—Tempo di valse (4:51)
12. Élégie: Larghetto elegiaco (10:27)
13. Finale (Tema russo): Andante—Allegro con spirito (8.06)

Nina Kotova is on cello with the support of the Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra, and conducted by Vladimir Fedoseyev.

The album is already being hailed as a success and is available to download on iTunes now.

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