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Barbara Hardie of Angel Connections Returns to CUTV News Radio

Life can be less complicated and more peaceful if you have a connection with God and the angelic realm.”
— Barbara Hardie

TOLLAND, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, September 7, 2017 / -- An ascended Master is a person who has raised their vibration to a sustained frequency of light to become self-realized and serve humanity.

According to Barbara Hardie, every single person on this planet has the exact same soul’s purpose: to raise their vibration and become an ascended master.

“That’s what we’re working on now en masse,” says Hardie. “We’re seeking to reach a certain divinity on earth. A certain level of vibration and you don’t have to come here anymore, you can move on to the next challenge.”

Barbara Hardie is the founder of Angel Connections, where she helps people to solve the challenges they are experiencing in life with input from the Angelic Realm. Barbara helps her clients connect with their spiritual self as well as what she calls their “Heavenly Helpers:” guardian angels, angels, archangels, spirit guides and ascended masters.

“Life can be less complicated and more peaceful if you have a connection with God and the angelic realm,” says Hardie. “We have all the resources we need within us. We can draw on our own inherent wisdom – the Higher Self – to determine what we’re supposed to be doing in this life time.”

According to Hardie, within every individual’s soul’s purpose is a life’s mission, an agreement that has been made before we incarnate into our physical body of what your soul has to accomplish in this lifetime. As you begin to fulfill your life’s mission, you will raise your vibration.

"The Awakening Process is the first step on the path of Ascension,” says Hardie. “The awakening is when you become aware that you are a spiritual being, not just a human being. The ego release control to work in tandem with the Soul to connect with the Higher Self and allow the Higher Self to guide your journey on Earth. This is when you become a full-fledged Ascended Master.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Barbara Hardie in a seven-part interview series with Jim Masters on September 11th, September 18th and September 25th at 4pm EDT.

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