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Expanse Partners with CHCK-N for ICO Management Services; EXP to Reside on Millions of Mobile Devices Worldwide

CHCK-N Poised to Become the Inaugural Tokenlab Client

The Check-In Bar partnership is an important development for Tokenlab (LAB) and Expanse (EXP) investors, as it adds immediate worldwide exposure and utility for Expanse.”
— Christopher J. Franko, Expanse Co-founder

WASHINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA, USA, August 29, 2017 / -- August 29, 2017

Key Facts:
• Tokenlab™ from Expanse is a token-creation and ICO management services platform.
• CHCK-N (Check-In Bar) is a platform for exchanging goods for emotions posted on social media.
• CHCK-N is set to become the inaugural client to launch an ICO on the Tokenlab platform.

WASHINGTON, NC – The Expanse.Tech™ Project today announced that CHCK-N (Check-In Bar) will launch its ICO using Tokenlab, a decentralized ICO management platform created by Borderless Corp., Inc. on the Expanse.Tech blockchain.

Named by the Wall Street Journal as providing “…a new level of social media marketing,” Check-In Bar has partnered with scores of internationally known liquor brands and venues to reward consumers with free drinks in exchange for their selfies. Check-In was launched with the intention of changing how liquor brands react with guests.

“The Check-In Bar partnership is an important development for Tokenlab (LAB) and Expanse (EXP) investors, as it adds immediate worldwide exposure and utility for Expanse,” said Christopher J. Franko, Borderless Corp., Inc. CEO and Expanse Co-founder. “By providing ICO management services for Check-In Bar, we become a vehicle that helps enable their creation of a technological marketplace for the most demanded currency of the new age—emotions.”

Check-In Bar is a downloadable app that allows users to pick a bar, open the app, and choose a drink off the app’s menu. The app then launches a camera with the brand’s filter already added. Consumers can snap a selfie, share it on Facebook, and enjoy a free drink. Among Check-In Bar’s partners are Bacardi, Jameson, Jack Daniels, Red Bull and Jagermeister—just to name a few.

“CHCK-N chose to go with Tokenlab for ICO management services for many reasons, including the stability of the Expanse blockchain technology and the breadth and depth of experience of the team members,” said Ali Balaban, CHCK-N Co-founder. “As my co-founder, Lev Filimonov, and I began the ICO exploration process, we repeatedly heard that Expanse and Tokenlab were solid yet innovative—reputation and integrity go a long way when making such an important decision that impacts the future of our business.”

Liquor brands worldwide are lined up to partner with CHCK-N, as the app allows brands to build personal relationships with their consumers and utilize the power of personal recommendations to boost brand loyalty. It provides a unique approach that creates and supports digital marketing opportunities that had yet to be exploited.

Once the Tokenlab ICO, planned to take place over the next 6-8 weeks, is complete, the CHCK-N ICO will commence. Watch for an announcement for the launch date coming soon.

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