The Jordan Gaming Lab organized 10 free courses for up to 215 Jordanian kids in Video Games Development.

This Summer, The Jordan Gaming Lab organized 10 free courses for up to 215 Jordanian kids in Video Games Development.

AMMAN, JORDAN, August 21, 2017 / -- Amman, The Jordan Gaming Lab which is one of the initiatives of The King's Abdullah II Fund For Development (KAFD), succeeded this summer, in organizing ten free specialized training courses focused on the Design and Development of Video Games. More than 215 Jordanian Kids benefited from these Courses in the Northern, Southern and Central Governorates of Jordan.

The courses which are conducted annually by The Jordan Gaming Lab, targets children between the ages of 8 and 13 years. Focused on teaching the basics of mobile games story telling and exploring the Visual programming language based on Construct 2.0 Game Engine, the kids after three days, were ready to start working on designing and producing their own basic video games.

Through this initiative, the Fund seeks to educate and build the capacity of young Jordanians towards video games development, hoping to trigger a shift from their consumer culture of games and applications to the level of production, especially as this industry is experiencing recent global growth - exceeding $100 billion.

The locations for the courses organized by The Jordan Gaming Lab, in partnership with the Jordanian mobile game production company, Maysalward, and Digital Gamification were distributed as follows: seven courses at Amman, two courses at Aqaba, and one at Irbid. About 215 Jordanian children will partake in 26 trainings totaling up to 52 hours.

After this introductory course, the Gaming lab will continue with an intermediate course, in order to satisfy the kids’ interest to learn and to further develop their creative skills in video games development. As part of their access ticket for the coming more advanced course that will be organized by the Gaming Lab, the children will be given a two-week time frame to work on their games.

Yusr Hassan, the director of Programs at the King's Abdullah II Fund For Development (KAFD) pointed out that The Fund carries out these workshops as part of its program to invest in children's creativity, and to encourage them to innovate from an early age in one of the most promising industries in the world - the video games industry. She also added, "We hope that through specialized training, we develop and build Jordanians’ Capacity towards Video Games design and Development.”

The Jordan Gaming Lab provides members with free access to facilities, devices, software, courses, and workshops, and links the members and participants of the lab to the local and international companies in this field. “This will allow our youths to develop and grow in the field of producing video games, and to be active partners in building a Jordanian industry exporting to the worldwide market, she pointed out.

For his part, Nour Khrais, the technical managing partner of the Jordan Gaming Lab, CEO of Maysalward, a pioneering company specialized in mobile games said, "The Summer courses for Children is an annual initiative that has been taking place since the launch of the first gaming lab in Amman in 2011. It is free and open to everyone, especially those who have love, passion, and possess necessary skills in the programming and video games industries.”

Khrais said, "Children have innate creations and hidden talents. We work at The Jordan Gaming Lab to develop and show up their skills through these specialized courses. We interact with and train them to write the story, and design and work on game development engines so that they can program and create their own video games.”

He said that these courses make children gain the needed confidence in their abilities to produce and unleash their creativity using modern methods and techniques.

The Jordan Gaming Lab is a Royal initiative implemented by KAFD in May 2011 to invest in the creativity of young Jordanian men and women in all of the Kingdom's governorates.

The engagement of Maysalward, the First Arab Jordanian Company to develop Mobile Games as partner with the management of the Labs confirms His Majesty's direction to involve the private sector in the development of society

The first Gaming lab was launched in the capital, Amman, and then expanded to Irbid, Aqaba, and Ma'an. Soon the opening of New Labs in the governorates of Karak and Zarqa with plans to cover All Jordanians governates.

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