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Canadian Vaping Association Continues to Lead for Industry Regulation across Canada


Canadian Vaping Association

CVA to work collaboratively & respectfully with all governments to develop and implement fair & equitable legislation and regulation for the nascent industry.

CVA believes that treating vape products like combustible tobacco products will have significant and harmful consequences. ”
— Shawn Kreegs

MISSISSUAGA, ONTARIO, CANADA, August 8, 2017 / -- (Toronto, Ontario) – The Canadian Vaping Association (CVA), the lead voice for the vaping industry, is a not for profit organization representing vape product manufacturers, store owners and the hundreds of thousands of vape advocates across Canada. CVA has committed to work collaboratively and respectfully with all provincial governments as well as the Federal government to develop and implement fair and equitable legislation and regulation for the nascent industry. Moreover, the CVA is singular in its commitment to help all governments achieve the national goal of reducing the smoking rate to 5% of Canadians by 2030.

“Canada is moving towards the acceptance of vaping as a harm reduction tool and an alternative against the impact of cigarette smoking on human health, which has a huge cost in both lives and resources. According to Alberta’s health department, cigarette smoking costs Canadians about $17 billion, including $4.4 billion annually in direct health-care costs” says CVA President Shawn Kreger, “each day 100 Canadians die of smoking related causes.”

“CVA welcomes appropriate and fair regulation, and speaking on behalf of the hundreds of thousands of vapers across Ontario, is fully committed to continued collaboration with the Ontario Government to develop and augment good regulation. CVA believes that treating vape products like combustible tobacco products will have significant and harmful consequences. CVA asserts that as adult smokers seek less harmful alternatives to smoking like vape products, real barriers to accessing such harm reduction products would be compromised if those who choose vape products are unable to access the experience and knowledge that vape product store employees possess.” said Kreger.

To this end, CVA is working with qualified accreditation and certification organizations in Canada to develop certification and accreditation programs that the industry will commit and submit to completing and passing so that consumers who purchase their product(s) at qualified vape product shops are detailed appropriately and effectively on the vapour products they aspire to purchase. “We have been clear with every government across Canada, these certification and accreditation programs are designed and will be delivered to ensure that all qualified vape product store employees will be fully trained to address common consumer issues effectively against the backdrop of good regulation developed by government”, said Mr. Darryl Tempest, Executive Director of CVA.

CVA welcomes all stakeholders who share the common goal, as developed by the government of Canada, of reducing the smoking rate to 5% by 2030 to consider joining CVA as a member and support its programs for better oversight and quality.

“We invite those who may have alternative distribution models to submit to CVA’s accreditation and certification programs that we intend to roll out in the near future”, said Kreger. “The vape industry shares a common passion to help Canadians find an alternative to smoking cigarettes and we invite all in this sector to join CVA to achieve that goal. Different products require different regulations, and this recent campaign by convenience stores to harmonize regulations for vapour products and tobacco products not only doesn’t make sense, it compromises the effectiveness of harm reduction. It’s not good business practice to have vape products sold where children and those who do not vape buy chips, pop and candies. In Ontario, for example, its Smoke-Free Ontario Act is to protect the health and livelihood of Ontarians – it’s folly to consider that regulation for vape products would be treated similarly to tobacco products or even sold at convenience stores. In our experience and the literature reviews worldwide suggest that this kind of move would achieve the opposite effect and we will make our voice heard on this going forward” said Kreger.

The CVA continues to work alongside the Ontario Government to develop appropriate regulation to maximize the harm reduction potential of vaping while minimizing any potential risks.

About the Canadian Vaping Association:

The Canadian Vaping Association (CVA) is a registered national, not-for-profit organization, representing manufacturers and vendors of vaping products and advocates in Canada. The primary goal of CVA is to ensure that government regulation is reasonable and practical, through the strategy of professional proactive communication, advocacy and education supplied bilingually to health officers, media, elected officials and the general public.

Darryl Tempest
Canadian Vaping Association
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