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can be mounted in mnutes on the windshield

can be mounted in minutes on the dashboard

Inertia is Universal and limitless

"Asking a driver to eco drive while he/she can't see the vehicle's INERTIA is trying to sell a TV to a no-voyant

green technology Innovations inc. (NASDAQ:na)

"Eco-driving produces the highest mileage from every single vehicle, so it offers an unmatched reach in addressing energy and climate change by potentially affecting the world's millions of vehicles".”
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SUGAR HILL, GA, USA, August 1, 2017 / -- For immediate release

322 years after the discovery of the Universal Force of Inertia (a.k.a. Second Law of Motion) by Isaac Newton, this American invention makes anyone driving any car or trucks to “eco-drive” instantly. "It's as easy as using your speedometer and it amazes me to see the number of articles including the US Energy Dep. ( recognizing all the valuable benefits of eco-driving but only offering plenty of tips of what to do and not to do (sometimes wrong), courses, trainings and seminars while totally ignoring my invention”. said Thomas Delor the inventor of the EcoTraineR to help his daughter school-teacher save fuel on her twice a day 40 miles commutes. "It’s like trying to convince a no-voyant to buy a color TV," added Delor.
During the start-up, the first 250 drivers will have the opportunity to try it free of charge and some will be offered to start a new career in a growing new industry by starting to moffer itto the 249,000,000 registered vehicles in the USA then to the 1,2 billion worldwide. No prior sales experience will be necessary. Visit our web sites to fill-in the form for a decisive phone interview for this "once-in-a-lifetime" opportunity.

Thomas Delor CEO
Green Technology Innovations Inc.
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