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The Ecotrainer is portable to any othe vehicle

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It took more than 300 years to display the force of inertia so the driver can act accordingly

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don't ask what America can do for you, ask what you can do for America”
SUGAR HILL, GA, USA, July 24, 2017 / -- At the opposite of the GRAVITY (Newton's First Law of Motion), it is obvious that INERTIA (Newton's Second Law of Motion) is not understood fully by most of Americans. If they knew that without inertia, the life on our planet would not exist as we know it; the birds could not fly; humans could not run; the balls would not leave the pitcher's hand. Without inertia (discovered by Isaac Newton in 1626 and formulated as Force=Mass by Velocity) everything would be motionless like if glued together. If you fully understand inertia, you would agree with the above.
Since the inception of the automobile, car manufacturers displayed the engine's pressure in the vacuum line alleging by default that it indicates if the driver is driving efficiently (green light) or irresponsibly (red light). The pressure in the vacuum line is the only way inertia was represented until now. According to the US Dept. of Energy driving by reacting to a pressure gauge may allow decreasing fuel consumption by 3% to 10%. While 10% can only be reached by a few skilled drivers, 3% is way too low to calculate any substantial saving. My invention is the only car instrument showing true inertia or lack of it.
Thomas Delor was directly involved in the French space program and immigrated to America. During a family reunion, his school teacher daughter asked him to try to design something so she can "see" the inertia the same way she is seeing her car's speed. “You always told me to be gentle on the gas pedal. Since you are an inventor, can you design something so that I can see when I need to be gentle? She added. After several years of research, Delor designed what she was asking: the EcoTraineR. He then applied for a US patent and the Patent Office registered his invention as being a genuine invention. He is calling it "EcoTraineR" because the driver is following the lights by Pavlovian reflexes. Everyone will be able to eco-drive instantly any car (the device is portable) without any previous experience skill or special knowledge.
“It was time for the EcoTraineR to be invented, which is the American alternative to the Paris-Climate Accord“. Said Delor. “Inertia is a free, limitless energy, a God-sent," he added.
If you want to try the EcoTraineR, I will ship you an EcoTraineR at no cost for a 15-day no-rik trial after a phone interview. If you succeed to use it like 95%, keep it and it will pay for itself with the savings at the pump and I will also offer you the opportunity to join our company during its startup.
If you fail to get results, return it before the end of the trial period to receive a full refund of the return cost. First-come first-served will apply for the first 100 requests. There is no string attached. If you return it before the end of the trial period, we will even reimburse your return cost. No question asked

“Don’t ask what America can do for you, ask what you can do for America?" said JFK during his inaugural speech. It's your time to lead the world by example to energy independence and clean air.
Thomas Delor,
Inventor, and CEO of Green Technology Innovations, Inc. (15-day no risk-form provided)
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