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Statement by American Honda Regarding Replacement Passenger Airbag Inflator Wire Harness Recall: 2007-2011 Honda CR-V

  • 629 CR-V vehicles affected in the United States
  • Replacement airbag inflator kits with the wrong wire harnesses may have been installed in affected vehicles
  • Passenger front airbag inflator will be inspected and, if an incorrect wire harness is found, the airbag inflator kit will be replaced, free of charge
  • No reports of injury related to this issue

American Honda will voluntarily recall 629 CR-V vehicles from the 2007-2011 model years to inspect the replacement passenger front airbag inflator, and, if an incorrect wire harness is found, replace the airbag inflator kit, free of charge. There have been no reports of injury or incorrect airbag operation in relation to this issue, which was discovered by a dealer performing an airbag inflator recall repair.

Honda now uses replacement airbag inflators supplied by alternative manufacturers, not Takata, to complete all Takata airbag inflator recall repairs in the United States. To create recall replacement inflator kits for each affected model, a vendor assembles specific wire harnesses with the appropriate inflators for that model. A small number of replacement inflator kits designed for CR-V vehicles may have been assembled with wire harnesses intended for Fit inflator kits. These replacement inflator kits may have then been installed in certain CR-V vehicles as part of inflator recall repairs. If a vehicle with the incorrect wire harness is involved in a crash, the front passenger airbag may not deploy properly, increasing the risk of injury. This condition does not create a risk of inflator rupture.

Honda is announcing this recall to encourage each owner of an affected vehicle to take it to an authorized dealer as soon as possible for inspection and possible repair. Due to the relatively small number of affected vehicles, where possible, Honda is currently attempting to contact owners of affected vehicles by phone to schedule inspections. Mailed notification to customers will begin in late-July 2017, and owners of these vehicles can determine now if their vehicles require inspection by going to or by calling (888) 234-2138.


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