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Charles Laverty on Helping Families Afford Medical Care

Charles Laverty, CEO of Advanced Bifurcation Systems

Charles Laverty, CEO of Advanced Bifurcation Systems and a healthcare leader of 25 years

Charles Laverty, CEO of Advanced Bifurcation Systems, and a healthcare leader for 25 years on focusing on the economics of healthcare reform

The Affordable Care Act is not tantamount to universal care. In fact, it lacks several provisions that a functioning single-payer system would require.”
— Charles Laverty
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 7, 2017 / -- Many families throughout the United States face difficult choices when it comes to paying for health insurance. While healthcare legislation in years past has made medical attention more accessible for many, certain segments of the population have found themselves under increasing pressure to cover the costs of such reforms. Pleasing everyone when it comes to healthcare reform is impossible, which is why Charles Laverty has come up with a better idea: don’t try. Instead, Laverty, who serves as CEO of cardiac stent system producer Advanced Bifurcation Systems, believes in focusing on the economics of healthcare reform and trying to cut costs so that the people who currently pay most can find some relief. In his 25 years leading healthcare companies he has also served as the President and CEO of Imagyn Medical Technologies, CEO of Infusion Care and COO of Foster Medical Corporation.

Laverty’s ideas are the focus of a new feature in entitled “Paying for Healthcare in Charles Laverty’s America”. The article examines Laverty’s opposition to establishing a single-payer system in the United States, his preference for smaller but meaningful changes to the current system, and the sacrifices that those changes will require from American citizens. He is particularly concerned with issues like incentives and entitlements.

By Charlie Laverty’s admission, the road to lowering middle-income premiums is unlikely to be easy. He expects that some of his suggestions are unlikely to go over well with certain demographics, but warns that failing to heed his advice could have economic consequences for all Americans. “It is time we Americans face the truths about healthcare,” Laverty warns. “We just cannot afford unlimited care for everyone in all circumstances.”

Laverty’s positions are not for everyone, but his view illustrates a growing need in the United States to think about healthcare from a logistical standpoint instead of a rhetorical one. Read the full article on Huffington Post, and decide for yourself whether Charles Laverty is offering moral and actionable solutions for Americans who struggle with the costs of their health insurance.

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