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Thomas Delor, the inventor of the EcoTraineR, reproaches the US Dep. of Energy to mislead the public on their web site.

The Ecotrainer is portable to any othe vehicle

Shown dashboard mounting

Offering bad pieces of advice discourage drivers to follow them.

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Offering bad advice discourage the drivers to follow them. "Ask not what your Country can do for, it's what you can do for your Country" We will lead the world for clean air and clean water.”
— JFK, Pdt Donald Trump
SUGAR HILL, GEORGIA, USA, July 2, 2017 / --
Last February, introducing his invention to the US Government, Mr. Delor asked to correct two false pieces of advice; 1) to use the cruise control (constant speed is a myth) on the highway and 2) to remove “excess” weight in the vehicle. Both pieces of advice are incorrect and confuse the driver.

In a letter addressed to President Trump, Mr. Delor wrote: “It is obvious that those employees do not fully understand the physics of inertia F=MV” adding: “You need to dry the US Administration swamp too".
It was also the inventor’s recommendation that the EcoTraineR should be added to the US’s website because it is the only device having received a US Patent.

It took more than three hundred years after Isaac Newton discovered the Universal Force of Inertia (a.k.a. 2nd Law of Motion) and established the formula F=MV for Delor, a French immigrant, inventing the EcoTraineR physically showing a vehicle’s true inertia or lack of it. “Seeing the true inertia is not a guessing game anymore and anyone can reduce fuel consumption by up to 100% or increase the distance between two electrical recharges,” said Delor. “Car manufacturers displaying the pressure in the vehicle’s fuel vacuum line suggesting that It’s indicating the vehicle’s inertia is untrue and mislead any potential buyers and since the fuel saving is only 10% when following the website’s pieces of advice, drivers are discouraged,” added Delor.
The EcoTraineR is a new car instrument indicating when a vehicle has enough momentum to move on its own without using fuel. It is small, alike a GPS and can be mounted on your dashboard or windshield in minutes.

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