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Do You Want Your Computers To Do Brainstorming For You? Now It Is About To Become Reality!

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An artificially intelligent software for brainstorming.

ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN, June 18, 2017 / -- The Critical Thinkers (Pvt) Ltd. is developing an artificially intelligent software which will design mind maps for you and provide suggestions for improving your product or service while systematically mimicking the fluidity of human imagination.

We frequently perform brainstorming for problem solving. The time and resources we spend on brainstorming are opportunity costs and a pain point. Another pain point we face is the difficulty of finding quality ideas when brainstorming for product improvement.

With its AI and high quality database of concepts carefully created by experts, this new software will generate high quality mind maps and suggestions for improving our businesses in seconds. Therefore, it will simplify the brainstorming and heal those pain points.

This project is seeking early stage financing of 60,000 USD on Indiegogo for developing and launching the software with its database successfully within 1 year.

Your contribution will be rewarded excellently. You will be rewarded with techniques to improve your critical thinking and competitiveness, simplifying life and 24 hours of question answers session for learning these essential skills. Supporters can pledge via Indiegogo -> Brainstorming Using Artificial Intelligence.

Whether you are a business man or woman, young entrepreneur, you are starting or expanding your business, you would definitely want this in your software suit.

Hashaam, the creator of this project, has a life-long interest to develop the simplest techniques of thinking. This software is the result of his passion for understanding human thinking and it is his ambition.

He explains his project using a daily life example as follows.

Think of yourself making a cup of tea. You add warm water, sugar and a tea bag in a cup. From ‘warm water’ you recall drinking ‘lemon’ with warm water sometime ago, for the first time, which was a great experience. Coming back to tea, you decide to add some lemon in your tea. You end up creating a new tea.

This warm water, common between tea and lemon, helped you to crawl from one idea to another. Similarly, we can discover many more ideas of teas by crawling from warm water or sugar to something new.

Now we can, he says, automate this form of thinking by carefully building a database of concepts and artificially intelligent algorithm to crawl from concept to concept in same way as we humans do using memory as a database.

He suggests that by doing so we can simplify brainstorming which is a time consuming process we frequently perform for problem solving. We will save time and lower the difficulty of brainstorming sessions. This software will, by using its AI and a high quality database of concepts, generate mind maps and also suggestions for improving our products in seconds. Therefore, it will be important for everyone.

So if you like this idea, if you want your computers to do brainstorming for you, then like, share, contribute and earn rewards by visiting Brainstorming Using Artificial Intelligence on Indiegogo.

Ahmed Hashaam Hadi
The Critical Thinkers (Pvt) Ltd.
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