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Results Driven Marketing, LLC located in Center City Philadelphia, announced an astounding year over year revenue growth of 78.83% for the recent fiscal year

We are firm believers that to succeed in our market and environment, we must be faster, better and provide far superior results than our competitors do! And all of that is Results Driven Marketing.”
— Janeene High, CEO

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, May 16, 2017 / -- Results Driven Marketing, LLC, a digital marketing agency located in Center City Philadelphia, announced an astounding year over year revenue growth of 78.83 percent for the fiscal year ending February 2017. RDM’s net income grew at an even higher rate of 113 percent.

A privately held company, Results Driven Marketing, LLC just received its audited financial statement confirming the growth in sales and attributed the positive results to both the realization of their Turning Clicks Into Clients® strategy as well as infrastructure put into place that allowed much of the work to be streamlined through investment into cloud-based technology.

The Philadelphia-based marketing firm was founded in 2013 by CEO Janeene High, a 12-year industry veteran with the goal of providing a measurable return on investment to clients. That became the company tagline Turning Clicks Into Clients strategy which RDM has since trademarked, and now utilized in the digital marketing sphere to drive its growth. The company doubled its workforce in 2016.

RDM began as a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) company specializing in internet advertising and digital marketing for clients looking to grow via new client acquisition. Their office was based out of a small spare bedroom in High’s Center City Philadelphia condo.

“We’ve come a long way in a very short time,” High said. “I am excited about how we started and how we have grown. Everything my partner and I envisioned has happened and in some areas more than we envisioned.”
The company has built upon the PPC service, adding a broad array of client acquisition strategies.

Today, RDM is located in a “Class A” building on the central corridor through Philadelphia – Market Street. RDM is a Google Partner, HubSpot Partner, Yext Partner, and many other well-known brands. Additionally, RDM has added to its marketing team some of the smartest talent in the industry, growing the internet marketing firm into one of the rare agencies that provide nearly 100% of its services in-house.

The staff at RDM includes Stephen Myers, a leading SEO expert that has many years of experience working with website and search optimization. Myers’ credentials also include a stint with the Asian Wall Street Journal where he was the Art and Statistics Editor. Myers currently has a patent pending for a formula that affects Search Engine Marketing by improving data formulation with respect to SEO.

Myers – affectionately known around the office as “Dr. Digital” – was instrumental in creating the company’s RD-Metric, a soon to be unveiled keyword comparison statistic. This metric is a new data point that is formulated to find the optimal keywords for PPC and Organic marketers.

“This metric that we’ve developed is a way for business owners as well as marketing professionals to find the most efficient SEO strategies for their websites,” Myers said. “And is another example of RDM’s Turning Clicks Into Clients® strategy.”

With the new metric currently in BETA testing, Myers feels it will help the company’s revenue continue to grow. “We’re seeing the results of this audit, and it really helps spur us on to keep developing new tools like the RD-Metric,” he added. “This time next year, we want to hear customers not only talking about our Turning Clicks Into Clients philosophy but also asking themselves ‘what’s the RDM?’ when looking at keywords.”

Looking at the innovation that lies ahead only makes High prouder of the audit’s results. When asked what makes RDM different from the myriad of digital marketing agencies and firms competing today, High responded, “in my opinion, there aren’t many, if any, agencies that do what do we do.”

“Specifically,” she noted, “we take new technologies and strategies and mix them in with older marketing approaches. For example, RDM uses advanced call tracking software, tracking every call coming from an internet search.”
High explained that RDM uses a large team of people listening to every phone call that goes to their clients. Each call is then evaluated from a customer service aspect, not just a marketing or lead generation aspect.

High says that the call evaluation seeks to answer basic but valuable questions like, “was the answerer following the set procedures for speaking with potential or new clients? Was the person friendly and helpful? Did the answerer gather the caller’s name and contact info right up front? Did the caller transfer the phone and stay with the caller until the caller was connected properly? Was the caller sent to voicemail?”

“This is what RDM means when you hear that a call may be recorded for quality and training purposes,” she said. “Each call is scored with an in-depth system. Moreover, calls that fall outside the parameters set by the client are sent to the appropriate person for review. The recording is attached, so the manager or responsible person knows exactly why the call was flagged for review.”

This technology is available to every marketing agency out there she noted. However, it’s an older approach that takes more time and resources. “In my experience,” she added, “few agencies understand the value of this technology and use it. Moreover, those that do end up putting the responsibility of listening, evaluating and rating the calls on the client side.”

The RDM team laughs at that approach said, Mike Bannan, Managing Partner. “What a mistake,” Bannan said, “and lost opportunity. We take the time and invest the resources into each call like this because of the marketing value. Listening to these calls tell us exactly how the call got to the client.”

“Many times,” he added, “based on what the caller says we develop specific campaigns around the search query. By doing this exact thing our client’s new acquisition rate is significantly higher than average.”

Bannan points to this tactic being one of the driving factors in the company’s growth. By recognizing how an older tool like phone tracking can combine with the newer tools available in digital marketing, RDM is capable of producing better results for clients.

“How does this work for the clients and us? ” he asked. “Well first and foremost our clients’ Cost-Per-Click is reduced, and their ROI is increased. This creates a happy client base for RDM that constantly refers both peers and friends to us.”

“In fact,” he added, “RDM will turn away a client, even if they have a very large budget.”

“I know that sounds crazy, but if they won’t let us do what we need to do – what we know works – and make them more successful, then we become just another agency. And RDM is anything but another agency.”

Results Driven Marketing’s product and service offering are as follows:

• Search Engine Marketing (SEM) including PPC Advertising
• Search Engine Marketing Consulting (SEMC)
• Lead Generation programming
• Inbound Marketing Services
• Reputation Management
• Social Media Management.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
• Content Writing and distribution.
• Blog management
• Press Release SEO Management
• Backlinking creation and management
• Landing Page development
• Engagement campaigns
• Call-to-Action (CTA) techniques
• Website Design and Development
• Website content and curation
• Focus Group Design and Strategy

Client turnover – or “churn” – is not something that happens regularly at RDM according to Bannan. He said, “our client retention rates are at about 90% year over year.” He attributed this high retention rate to the same principles of service the company was founded upon in 2013 and what created their model for growth as seen in the recent audit.

“When you become a client of RDM we work to keep earning the business. We earn our business by outperforming expectations, by adding killer customer service, and by never forgetting how we got to where we are today,” Bannan exclaimed.

“We never stop learning, growing and outperforming our competitors,” High added. “Results are what drives us.”

Should you want to learn more about RDM, its operations and its excellent client results, contact Janeene High directly or Mike Bannan. The company provides a 45-minute free consultation for prospective clients. Contact RDM by email or call 215-393-8700.

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