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Elon Musk, an electric car releases four times more climate gasses than a gasoline car, why?

This Press Release is a translation of a Swedish Press Release and Letter to the Swedish Government, from HyMeAir AB

If you want to protect the climate, the globe and your family, never buy an electric car or a bio-fuel car”
— Claes Persson
STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN, April 26, 2017 / -- The truth is evident to all those who control, there is no "renewable, sustainable energy".
At least not through wind turbines, solar energy, biofuels, and batteries.
The worst for the climate is electric cars.
Only material and manufacture of a car battery, half a ton of extremely energy consuming raw materials, consumes an estimated 300,000 kWh, from mining to destruction.

Fossil energy consumption for driving a car 150,000 kilometers, excluding energy for materials and building the car:

Gasoline / diesel car, which draws 0.5 litres / 10 km: consumes 75 000 kWh.

An electric car, the battery production 300,000 kWh and charge 50,000 kWh: total consumption 350,000 kWh.

Bio-fuel-driven car, which draws 0.6 litres / 10 km: consumes 300,000 kWh. (Most of this fossil energy consumption is needed to produce biofuels.)

The carbon dioxide content in the air, in Sweden and the world, is increasing faster than ever, why?
The efforts on renewable and sustainable energy, electric cars and biofuels cars now prove to be very hard against the climate. Previously, the ppm content has increased by 1-2% per year; now the growth rate is 2-3% ppm per year.
Every year people release 40 billion tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
Unless we counteract this, we will release 1,000 billion tons of carbon dioxide in the next 15 years.
An explanation for the rapid growth rate is our focus on "renewable and sustainable energy".

"Renewable Energy": Wind turbines, solar panels, and biofuels consume more cheap fossil energy, during the building process than the energy they manage to produce during their lifetime. The worst for the climate is electric cars.
That is evident from the new IVA report Climate impact of the construction process
(IVA: The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences)

However, such reports do not stop the Swedish government from continuing to destroy our climate and our future. World record speed.
The government is now investing another 0.5 billion on "Climate Climb," in addition to the 20-30 billion recently spent in its "trend policy": "renewable, sustainable energy," "fossil-free cars."
The Swedish government says there is an "increased search pressure" for contributions.
Many want to spend our tax money in unprofitable and direct climate-threatening investments.
The grant is now dramatic and completely uncontrolled.
The range of support, subsidies, certificates, allowances, tax and other bonus-malus systems is now impenetrable.
Did you know that you can get up to USD 5,550 in support of other people's tax money if you buy a Tesla home battery for $ 8,880?
Why does the government continue to spend hundreds of billions on extremely climate-friendly electric cars, biofuels, wind turbines, solar cells, biofuels, and batteries?
Does the government have a hurry to dig our grave?

In its new report, IVA has shown that the energy consumption to building buildings is 3-4 times higher than previously "guesses"!
Wind turbines, solar panels, and batteries are obviously much more energy-intensive to build than a building because they require more raw material than a house (weight/volume).
The largest part of materials, machinery and construction costs for wind turbines, solar cells, and the production of batteries and biofuels are energy costs/energy consumption.
If you add the energy consumption for operation, maintenance and scrapping costs, these renewable sources consume more cheap fossil energy than the energy they manage to produce during their lifetime.

This is not rocket science; it's easy to understand and easy to calculate. "Renewable, fossil-free energy", the biggest fraud in human history?

To save the world, we must immediately stop producing climate degradation;
Wind turbines, solar panels, biofuels, batteries, electric cars and biofuels cars.
HyMeAir has developed entirely new technology, an exciting innovation that can quickly, easily and cheaply save the world's all climate and energy problems,

About HyMeAir:
HyMeAir is a Swedish company founded by Claes Persson, an entrepreneur with many successful launches to his credit.
(He have even founded a computer company that in the 90s became Sweden's most fast growing company and stock exchange winner.)
HyMeAir/Claes Persson has created a new innovative process, to filter and separate all different kind of molecules from the air. This innovation will save our world from ongoing climate change, and also give us all energy we need to a very low price. It is an innovative, simple product built on elementary physics and atomic physics, easy to understand.

Company Name: HyMeAir AB
Contact Person: Claes Persson - CEO,
City: Stockholm,
Country: Sweden
Phone:+46705623980 (CEST-time 13.00 - 15.00) Please try to send Email one day before a phone call.

Claes Persson
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Save the World from Climate Change and Energy Problems