Producer Yuxiao Wang Brings Upcoming Film 'Rift' to the Screen

Film Poster for "Rift"

Producer Yuxiao Wang tapped by One All Entertainment to bring the film "Rift" to audiences in China.

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, April 21, 2017 / -- Award-winning producer Yuxiao Wang, who is known for her work as the producer behind the film "Talentik," which was released in China last month, as well as the films "Harmonica," "Locked" and "She Gives Me Sight," recently joined forces with producers Jing Ge ("A Bird of Paradise") and Jing Wen to bring the upcoming sci-fi film “Rift” to the the screen.

Directed by Rena Yao ("3D Writer"), the highly-anticipated film "Rift" revolves around Zeng Yu, a Chinese astrophysicist who finds himself living between two parallel universes-- in one he is accused of murdering his girlfriend, Wen Xin, and on the run from the police; and in the other, he is engrossed in the creation of a cutting edge virtual game with his photographer girlfriend still alive and by his side.

The film stars Jack Yang ("Seven Pounds," "A Leading Man," "American Ultra," "Grey's Anatomy") as Zeng Yu, Yun Xie ("The Still Life") as Wen Xin, as well as actors Greg Depetro ("Ditch Day Massacre," "General Hospital"), Tyler Cole ("Deacon," "The Force Uncharted") and Allen Theosky Rowe ("Hawaii Five-0," "The Last Ship," "Chicago P.D.").

"This is a US-China co-production... There are a lot of good-looking and interesting characters in this movie, and the fast-paced and multi-layered sci-fi elements within the film will appeal to both Chinese and American audiences," explains "Rift" producer Yuxiao Wang.

"As a producer on the film I had to be diligent ensuring that both the Chinese and American cast and crew were on the same page at all times, which can be challenging, but my experience producing projects in both China and the U.S. have helped me understand the mindsets of both cultures when it comes to the filmmaking process so I'm able to easily act as a point person between the two, which makes the production flow smoothly."

Produced by One All Entertainment, "Rift" is slated to be released later this year in Asia, with other territories to be announced.

CEO of One All Entertainment Grace Ge says, "Everyone on our team is proud to have such a dedicated and hardworking producer like Yuxiao Wang with us on board. She has consistently proved her worth and has not failed in any of the endeavors. She is very good at communication and organization. She has proved to be a motivating group leader as well. By the way she handled and managed the tough project of 'Rift,' she has taken this film to a new height."

Originally from Dalian, China, producer Yuxiao Wang moved to the United States several years ago where she has continued to bring an impressive list of films to screens in both the U.S. and China.

Last year she produced Ye Kuang's dramatic war film "Harmonica," which screened at the 69th Cannes Film Festival's Court Metrage, took home the Grand Prize at the Carnegie Mellon Film Festival, and was chosen as an Official Selection of the Long Island International Film Expo, NOVA Fest Artist Circle, HollyShorts Film Festival, Action on Film International Film Festival 2016, United International Film Festival and more. Wang was also the producer on Jiping Liu's touching drama "She Gives Me Sight," which followed Cecil, a young blind boy who learns to live a normal life despite his disability thanks to his grandmother teachings. The film took home several awards at the Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival, Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival, Direct Short Online Film Festival and the LA Underground Film Festival.

"She Gives Me Sight" director Jiping Liu says, "I'm really thankful to Yuxiao Wang for her significant contributions as the producer of my film 'She Gives Me Sight.' I can't imagine how it would have turned out without her, but I know it wouldn’t have been anywhere near as good. I will definitely be working with her again on my next film."

An excellent problem solver and fundraiser Wang is one Chinese producer who has managed to successfully make a name for herself in Hollywood; however, one of the driving aspects of her success is the fact that while she has produced countless films for American audiences, she is also busy producing projects for Chinese audiences that are being shot in Hollywood.

Aside from the upcoming film "Rift," Yuxiao Wang produced the recently released fantasy film "Talentik" starring California Women's Film Festival Award winner Lee Chen ("Veep," "Girl Meets World," "Before I Got Famous”)and Jessica Treska ("Broken Pines," "Silver Lining"). Wang worked with Sky Culture Entertainment to produce the feature film, which was released in China in February and garnered over 10 million views within three days of being released online.

Before being tapped as a producer at Sky Culture Entertainment, Wang worked with Janet Yang Productions, an LA-based production company headed by Janet Yang, the producer of notable projects such as "The Joy Luck Club," "The People vs. Larry Flynt," "Dark Matter" and others. Wang is currently in talks with Sky Culture Entertainment to produce their next two feature films.

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