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Fast growing tech company dynaCERT adds another sales catalyst, 19% fuel savings and 40% reduction in greenhouse gasses

BNN Interview; dynaCERT No. 1 Ranked Company Across All Sectors on 2017 TSX Venture 50

HG-1 unit capable of 19% fuel savings and 40% reduction in greenhouse gasses

Exponential growth trajectory; dynaCERT Inc. went from $0 in sales to $4.5 million in only a couple months, Jay Taylor sets >$3/share price target for TSX-V:DYA

dynaCERT Inc. (TSX:DYA)

Well people can do the math. It’s pretty staggering if you [dynaCERT Inc.] are able to hit those numbers I can’t imagine this isn’t a stock that is going to rise very dramatically.”
— Analyst Jay Taylor of Hard Money Advisors

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, April 21, 2017 / -- dynaCERT Inc. (TSX-V: DYA) (OTC: DYFSF) was recently named to the 2017 TSX Venture 50 (a ranking of the best growth companies on the exchange) and ranked Number 1 across all sectors. Its proprietary next generation HydraGEN™ H2/O2 technology (A.K.A. HG-1) is new to the market, only recently initiating sales targeting the diesel truck market (class 6 - 8 engines) and the Company is reporting growing sales and rave reviews from users. Just last month the Company announced 1) $2.7 million in new sales, 2) that Loblaw has initiated HG-1 instillations, 3) new product developments (HG-2 units targeting refrigerated trailers), and 4) positive results from its 2017 annual general meeting of shareholders (AGM). This week the Company announced that it has received CE (European Conformity) certification for its HydraGEN™ technology, ‘CE’ signifies that products sold in the European Economic Area have been assessed to meet high safety, health, and environmental protection requirements. This new certification will assist in the Company’s targeting of the European market, it coincides with the hiring of a new VP of Global Sales, and is yet another catalyst that will drive sales. Exponential sales projections appear to be a reality; going into the AGM dynaCERT's CEO, President, and Director, Jim Payne provided an interview with Jay Taylor of Hard Money Advisors Inc. about the opportunity and developments within the Company that will be of interest to shareholders.

The analyst currently maintains coverage on dynaCERT Inc. with a 'Buy' recommendation and near-term (12 month) price target of US$2 to $2.50/share (~$2.60 to $3.30 Canadian), also it is a stock he owns personally. In his summary of the interview the analyst described dynaCERT Inc. as "ready to explode in growth."

In the interview the CEO provided revised upwards sales guidance and insight on new markets. The entire 15 minute March 22, 2017 interview may be listened to at: online (the dynaCERT interview begins just prior to the 18 minute mark).

In the interview the CEO described dynaCERT's flagship product as follows: "Our product is a ‘HydraGenTM’, it’s our on-demand electrolysis unit, its designed for internal combustion engines, it supplies the air intake with hydrogen and oxygen gases separated. Results show increased fuel economy, increased torque, extending oil life, and reduction in emissions. With our patented ‘smart-ecu’ controller our HydraGenTM unit proactively injects these pure gasses into the engines air intake stream, mixing with the engines diesel fuel, increasing the amount of energy produced by the engine with each RPM. This has recently been validated through both on-road and accredited 3rd-party testing; the HydraGenTM produces hydrogen and oxygen results in up to 19.2% reduction in fuel consumption, up to 40% emissions reductions of greenhouse gasses, and better than 65% reduction in particulate matter. Initially we are targeting class-8 trucks, the large tractors pulling trailers around the country – that’s a huge market, there’s over 15 million trucks just in the USA, and out of that ~2.5M of those are the class-8 trucks."

SALES TARGETS -- US$180 million sales for 2017 at 60% gross profit: At the 26:45 minute mark (~ 9 minutes into the interview) the CEO provided sales targets for the Company; "As you know our AGM is actually coming up on Friday (March 23, 2017) so we sat with the entire team and we put together a projection model for this year, and we have gone to great extent to keep this very conservative, and kept stepping it down, and stepping it down, because the numbers get very staggering, but our expectation in the trucking market in the second quarter this year in North America we will be selling 3,000 units, the 3rd quarter is 6,000 units, and the 4th quarter is 12,000 units. Then we look at the other market, the refer market, or the H2 market, our expectation are in the 3rd quarter of this year that we put 1,200 out in the market, and 3,000 in the 4th quarter. So if you add all those up, just at wholesale that equates to just shy of $180 million in sales this year. So going from just starting sales within the last month, this is quite a significant run – like I said we really tried to be very conservative and realistic with this." -- The analyst astutely noted that those figures, as impressive as they are for the Company's first year, would not even put a dent into the potential of the market and followed up with confirmation that dynaCERT is working on 60% gross profit margin, to which the CEO confirmed. Prompting the analyst to state "Well people can do the math. It’s pretty staggering if you are able to hit those numbers I can’t imagine this isn’t a stock that is going to rise very dramatically."

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Jay Taylor interview of Jim Payne, CEO of dynaCERT - Update