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Salentein and Groasis - signing and memorandum of understanding for a pilot-test to plant with the National Icon

Wout Hoff (Groasis), Eduardo Rey (Groatec), Sven Piederiet (Bodegas Salentein), Pieter Hoff (Groasis), with Groasis Growboxx® and signed Memorandum Of Understanding at the Argentina – Netherlands Business Forum in the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Wout Hoff (Groasis), Eduardo Rey (Groatec), Sven Piederiet (Bodegas Salentein), Pieter Hoff (Groasis), with Groasis Growboxx® and signed Memorandum Of Understanding at the Argentina – Netherlands Business Forum in the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Groasis helps Salentein to let the roots of the new plants grow independently under dry farming systems.

AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS, April 3, 2017 / -- Groasis and Salentein sign memorandum of understanding to do a pilot-test of Groasis’ technology with new plantings in Mendoza and San Juan. Groasis Ecological Water Saving Technology helps the roots of the plants reach much depth, after which they can grow independently under dry farming system.

Dutch National Icon Groasis, its distributor in Argentina Groatec, and Argentinian premium wine producer Bodegas Salentein signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to trial the production of more sustainable, terroir driven wines in Mendoza and San Juan, Argentina.

Sven Piederiet, CEO of Salentein, comments “The goal of Bodegas Salentein is to produce world class wines, committed with the earth where they come from. During its preparation, Salentein respects nature and, at the same time, takes part in the life of the area’s community, because the people become an essential component that reflects in the wine expression.”

In the second half of 2017 Bodegas Salentein will be field testing a breakthrough, simple technology that allows young grape vines to thrive by getting needed water from rocky layers deep in the soil and not from drip irrigation. The invention, the Groasis Growboxx®, allows dry farming in regions that generally use drip irrigation and also to produce wines that better express their terroir.

The Groasis Growboxx® is a game-changing technology because it is an affordable way of helping the roots of plants reach the depth of three metres, after which they can grow independently. The resulting grapes better express the terroir. Launched in 2016, the Growboxx® is the culmination of 12 years of R&D and practical experimentation in some of the world’s harshest climates.

The Growboxx®, sometimes referred to as an ‘intelligent bucket’, is made from recycled paper pulp. The box is biodegradable and has an extremely low cost price, thereby making the initial investment affordable. The water in the bucket keeps the temperature under the box low and the central opening creates a supportive micro-climate for the grape vines to grow.

The vine receives a small quantity of water every day, which is enough for it to survive, but the plant is incentivised to develop its taproots to find water by itself. The Growboxx® helps a planted vine reach >3m depth with its roots within the first year(s). After this, the plant taps from the water that is available in the soil, and it can continue to grow without the Growboxx®.

Andres Arena, Operations Director at Bodegas Salentein, will execute a pilot with Groasis’ technology: “By using the Groasis Growboxx® we have the expectation to stimulate the roots of our vines to penetrate the soil and find their own water in the deep soil which is rich in calcareous stones at 2-3 meters depth, allowing us to better produce world class terroir driven wines in our top terroirs and also reduce the need for costly, water-consuming, drip irrigation, resulting in a reduction of our water footprint.”

It is generally agreed that the concept of dry farming, where vines do not receive any (drip) irrigation, stimulates the roots of the vines to reach sediment rock, which results in more “terroir driven wines”. Dry-farmed fruit is often sweeter, denser and smaller. Bodegas Salentein will test these assumptions in their terroirs (Uco Valley, Pedernal and Tulum) in Argentina with Groasis Growboxxes® - the results of which will be the topic of a future announcement. For now, patience is required to allow the vines to work their magic.


Bodegas Salentein, founded in 1996 by visionary Dutch entrepreneur Mr. Myndert Pon, is the heart and soul of the Uco Valley—a magnificent project that has captured the imagination of the Argentine people and wine lovers from around the world. Bodegas Salentein has created a new vision of quality and character for this remarkable region. The company honours and promotes the culture and people of the Uco Valley while making wines that find success throughout the world.

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