Uber Dependence Intensifies for U.S. Credit Czar Howe following National Car Rental Predatory Encounter

Credit Czar FICO G.O.A.T. SubscriberWise founder David Howe

U.S. Credit Czar Depends on Uber for travel around nation

David Howe at the Office of the Attorney General in Tampa, Florida

David Howe at the Office of the Attorney General in Tampa, Florida

FICO 850 David Howe SubscriberWise founder

Howe obtains perfect FICO scores at Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion

FICO global highest achiever and SubscriberWise founder says his use of ride sharing app Uber has increased following foul play by National Car Rental

I’ve found the car rental experience to be an extremely stressful and anxiety producing event for me.”
— U.S. Credit Czar and FICO G.O.A.T. David E. Howe
ATLANTA, GA, U.S.A., March 5, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ -- “Everyone who knows Credit Czar Howe, and also happens to know about the incredibly predatory encounter that I had with National Car Rental at the SW FL Fort Myers International Airport, has one frequently asked question for me,” remarked David Howe, U.S. Credit Czar and the founder of the nation’s largest issuing CRA for the communications industry, SubscriberWise. “Does the Credit Czar summons Uber?

“Yes, I definitely use Uber frequently and have for nearly three years,” Howe acknowledged. “And I love it. It's also true that my reliance on the service has increased since the initial predatory encounter in October last year – but particularly after the criminal fraud evidence was presented to me on December 14, 2016 ( https://www.einpresswire.com/article/358354722/verizon-vtext-server-technology-instrumental-for-national-car-rental-crime-victim-and-u-s-credit-czar-david-howe ).

“In fact, I took my first Uber in Tampa, FL on July 24, 2014,” confirmed Howe. “And since then, I’ve ordered hundreds of Uber rides as I travel the nation protecting America’s babies and children while also empowering consumers -- young and old -- with credit knowledge and information ( http://www.einpresswire.com/article/357732127/u-s-credit-czar-and-fico-pro-david-howe-shares-annual-credit-advice-for-holiday-shoppers ).

“It’s a big job, but one best described as a labor of love,” conceded Howe.

“Sadly, however, because of the experience at National Car Rental last year, I’ve found the car rental experience to be an extremely stressful and anxiety producing event for me. And worse, now that I am aware of the rental agencies broad arbitration clauses to deny consumers due process in open courtrooms -- combined with myriads of sophisticated and predatory tactics to implicate consumers for pre-existing and even non-existent damage -- I find myself full of worry and concern anytime I’m behind the wheel of a rental.

“But thanks to my Uber app, it’s not all darkness and despair. I could even argue that the Uber service has evolved into a coping mechanism for general stress and anxiety reduction following the anguish caused by National,” added Howe.

“Of course, everyone who knows Credit Czar also knows that I refuse to remain a victim,” Howe stressed. As I’ve heard it said before, ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’.

“I agree, what didn’t kill me made me stronger.

“Yes, I am stronger,” proclaimed U.S. Credit Czar.

“And to that theme, for those occasions when I find no other practical option but to obtain a car rental, I’ve empowered myself with a checklist to protect me and my family and dear friends from predatory rental rip off encounters.

“It’s the same checklist that I provided to the Office of the Florida Attorney General last Thursday ( http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20170303005471/en/National-Car-Rental-Crime-Victim-David-Howe ).

“It’s also the checklist that I want lawmakers to mandate for consumers everywhere, in the hope that they can avoid the same ugly experience that victimized Credit Czar along with untold thousands of U.S.A. citizens and visitors from around the world.

“And today I also share with each and every one of you,” concluded Credit Czar Howe. “I hope that you will share with each and every one that you know and love as well: https://www.docdroid.net/5izFVAD/rental-car-checklist.pdf.html .”

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Having directly prevented multitudes more child identity thefts than any single individual including law enforcement professionals nationwide, David Howe is recognized as one of the most productive and engaged child identity theft experts of the 21st century. Howe’s expertise on the subject of identity theft has been shared with virtually all levels of state and federal law enforcement agencies including field agents from the FBI. In 2014, Howe was contacted by IBM’s RedCell Counter Fraud and Financial Crimes Intelligence organization for training and information concerning child identity fraud.

Howe is also the highest FICO achiever in worldwide banking and financial history since human beings started counting on their fingers. Howe is the only known individual – living or deceased – to have obtained and documented simultaneous perfect FICO 850 and Vantage Scores across every national credit bureau.

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