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Classic Activity and Toy: Now Made Lots More Fun with Kardtects: Visit New York ToyFair Booth #6758

Kardtects card houses: Grisroc set

Kardtects: The Next Generation of Building Cards

kardtects card houses: Lost Desert set

Card House built from Kardtects Lost Desert Starter Set and Expansion

Kardtects card houses: Forbidden Jungle set

Kardtects Forbidden Jungle starter set

Kardtects gives kids the power to build the best card houses and card towers with a new found ease

MILLVILLE, PA, UNITED STATES, February 14, 2017 / -- If you remember struggling to build a card house with playing cards, then you will be happy to know, no more. Kardtects has taken this classic activity and made it easier and lots more fun. Kids can now build incredible card houses by using Kardtects building cards which are specifically designed for building. Kids are no longer struggling to build a card house with the smaller, more slippery playing cards. They are building impressive card houses with Kardtects Cards and becoming Master Kardtects- aka Card Architects.

Kardtects took the timeless activity of building a card house to completely new and record breaking levels. The Founder of Kardtects, Jenny Kile, demonstrated how much easier and faster they are to build with by building a freestanding card tower over 30 feet high using a scissor lift. This Kardtects card tower beat the height of the Guinness Book of Records for a card tower using playing cards, in both height and time.

Kids of all ages are now, not only building card towers as high as they reach, but also building other structures, such as card castles, pyramids, jungle huts, lost ruins, snakes, rocket ships and more.

From years of experience in building card houses, Kile knew what would make the Ultimate Building Card and created them. She founded Kardtects Building Cards and will be showing them off at the New York Toy Fair in booth #6758 on February 18th, 19th, 20th, and 21st.

These exclusive building cards are:

*unique in texture for better grip
*unique in thickness for ideal strength
*unique in size for best building
*unique in artistic features for building likeness of structures

The building cards are also collectible. Commons, Uncommons, Rares, and Ultra-Rare Building cards are available to find in all three styles: Grisroc, Lost Desert, and Forbidden Jungle; In both Starter and Expansion Packs.

Over 150 collectible cards can be discovered within the three sets, and offer an endless amount of fun to build. Each card features different architectural designs, landscape elements, or other fantastic items used for building.

Kile says she enjoys watching kids excitedly build and being proud of what they created after they finish. “They inspire getting back to basics play, and encourage kids to use their imagination and creativity.”

Because of their unique qualities and features, kids can build card structures with a new-found ease.

Many studies have shown that active, open ended play guides children to take charge. Children create, imagine and discover on their own, building their confidence and providing inspiration to learn more when playing with back to basics toys, like Kardtects.

As a back to basics toy, Kardtects enrich playtime by letting children discover and build not only card houses, but vital skills of their own while playing with the cards.

The fact the more a toy does, the less a child does, is something parents are beginning to realize, and getting back to basics toys and Kardtects are a welcomed addition to any child’s playroom.

Jenny Kile
Kardtects Building Cards
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You Can Build a Card House with Kardtects Building Cards