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In 2016, More than 5,000 ASL Interpreters Attended Sorenson Communications-Sponsored Workshops and Webinars

/ -- SALT LAKE CITY, UT--(Marketwired - Jan 11, 2017) - Last year, Sorenson Communications, LLC sponsored more than 500 interpreting workshops that were attended by more than 5,000 American Sign Language (ASL) community and video interpreters (VIs). Those who attended and qualified were awarded 14,000 Continuing Education Units (CEUs), totaling nearly 2,000 contact hours of instruction. CEUs enable VIs to continue to work as professional ASL interpreters, either through the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf or a state certifying agency, such as the Board for Evaluation of Interpreters.

As the largest employer of ASL interpreters in the U.S., Sorenson provides ongoing training for Sorenson employees to sharpen their skills and keep pace with the most current training while simultaneously earning CEUs needed to maintain professional certification status.

"Sorenson is committed to supporting the communication needs of the Deaf community," notes Chris Wakeland, Sorenson Communications vice president of interpreting. "In an effort to provide the best-possible interpreting and technology experience for our Deaf SVRS customers, Sorenson offers opportunities for interpreters to enhance their skills through diverse training, educational and professional development opportunities.

"Since many ASL interpreters perform both VRS and community interpreting work, when Sorenson interpreters' skills are strengthened, so is the overall quality of community interpreting," says Wakeland.

According to Amy Kalmus, Sorenson Communications director of professional development and training, "In 2017, the professional development and training department looks forward to adding more training and development opportunities that include eLearning and self-paced modules, workshops and webinars focusing on an array of topics that support the learning for interpreters working in the VRS setting."

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