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Dnurse redefines high-tech diabetes care as its cutting-edge gadgets shine in CES 2017

BEIJING, CHINA, January 7, 2017 / -- Dnurse, a high-tech diabetes mgt start-up, made its debut this week in Las Vegas, as its series of glucose meters and unique App shone amid the extravaganza of the high-tech feast. As the first Chinese innovative mobile medical company, Dnurse was among over 1,300 Chinese companies attending the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017, one of the world’s biggest tech events.

This four-day trade show, which kicked off this Thursday, has seen a new yet innovative category of health care and more high-tech vanguards across the Pacific, of which Dnurse inevitably stood out.

Dnurse unveiled its three different high-tech products and its independently-developed App in this show, as it determined to spearhead the reform of traditional diabetes management.

Dnurse InsulinK and Dnurse App were the priorities of Dnurse’s across-the-Pacific show. Dnurse InsulinK was the world’s first wearable tracker to record insulin dosages automatically and facilitate the management of blood glucose levels, with which blood glucose levels, insulin dosages, medication, dietary intake, physical activity, and blood pressure will be recorded and analyzed.

As a perfect match for Dnurse’s smart hardware, Dnurse App was an unique software for patients to track their blood glucose levels as well as for doctors or family members to be informed. This App, apart from automatically uploading and saving diabetes data, can automatically analyze the blood sample and give personal suggestions or latest information for diabetics.

During the show, beside its much-expected yet inspiring InsulinK and Dnurse App, Dnurse also prided itself in its well-recognized First-generation Dnurse Mobile Blood Glucose Meter and Dnurse Xing.
First-generation Dnurse Mobile Blood Glucose Meter was Dnurse’s pioneering product. This simple yet smart gadget, with which the blood glucose level could be measured with a tiny amount of blood sample, is portable and smart phone-compatiable. Apart from boasting a long battery life of five years, it can be easily used by connecting it with smart phone through headphone jack and then inserting test paper.

And Dnurse XING went further, as this only-for-elderly-without-smart-phone gizmo had gained CFDA approval in China in 2014 and CE(European Conformity) approval in 2016, marking the first CE approved smart glucomter in China. As well as providing one-stop blood glucose service, including sampling, measuring, analyzing, storing, and voice reminding, XING also can function as a pedometer to record steps.

Apart from echoing CES 2017’s theme of ushering innovative products into the market, Dnurse also managed to reveal a refreshing signal around the world——to provide consumers, especially patients with good-to-excellent care.
“We hope we can provide practical and high-quality medtech products for customers with our first-rate technology.” said Jason Li, the CEO of Dnurse, adding that Dnurse looked to become a strong voice for Chinese high-tech start-up.
Dnurse was expected to seek more overseas partnership during the CES 2017 and afterwards.

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