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eTrueNorth’s ePOCT Suite™ of Solutions Now Used in Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

National retailer will utilize ePOCT Suite of solutions to launch CLIA-Waived laboratories

DALLAS, Nov. 30, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- eTrueNorth, the U.S.-based healthcare technology solution provider for CLIA-Waived laboratories, announced today that they have signed an agreement with Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. The eTrueNorth ePOCT Suite™ of solutions will immediately begin to be integrated at Walmart and Sam’s Club.

eTrueNorth’s ePOCT Suite™ of solutions provides user-friendly software that simplifies administrative processes for organizations running CLIA-Waived laboratories that conduct point-of-care testing.

Point-of-care testing professionals now have ability to quickly and easily access regulatory and compliance resources; policies and procedures to guide appropriate actions; quality control result tracking and reporting; as well as self-paced training. In addition, these online resources can be accessed via web or mobile devices.

“We are thrilled that Walmart and Sam’s Club turned to eTrueNorth to provide this essential resource that will drive the retail pharmacy’s laboratory compliance and quality control efforts,” said Coral S. May, President and Co-Founder of eTrueNorth. “We have a 40-year history in laboratory management – something we see as very valuable to Walmart and their customers. We have developed a product that makes it easy for CLIA-Waived laboratories to meet all their applicable federal, state and local regulations. Additionally, we provide important documentation for medical professionals as they track compliance with quality controls efforts for point of care diagnostics devices.”

The eTrueNorth product suite will help Walmart and Sam’s Club more easily ensure accurate and compliant results to health screening participants. “Local pharmacists are, often times, one of the most trusted medical professionals. Community outreach, in the form of health screenings, builds customer loyalty, increases foot traffic at the retailer and, more importantly, better positions Walmart and Sam’s Club as great community partners to their customers. We at eTrueNorth are excited to be a part of their community screening efforts,” said May.

Walmart and Sam’s Club selection of eTrueNorth’s product suite is an example of a major retailer’s dedication to providing quality services to its customers.

The ePOCT Suite of solutions includes:

  • eReg POCT™ provides a comprehensive resource of regulatory requirements related to CLIA-Waived Laboratory management. Included in the software are Federal, State and local regulatory requirements, contacts and compliance checklists. Organizations can minimize staff time related to researching and updating regulatory requirements with this cost effective e-solution.
  • eP&P POCT is an easy to use, configurable set of CLIA-Waived laboratory policies & procedures designed for quick and easy regulatory compliance. Template documents provide guidance on configuration to ensure an organization’s compliance with CLIA-Waived requirements as well as state-specific policy and procedure documentation. All policies and procedures are reviewed at a minimum on a biannual basis. Users are notified of updates and instructions to ensure lab specific P&P manuals are kept current.
  • eTrain POCT keeps screening technicians at the top of their game with web-based training programs. Training topics range from required subjects such as bloodborne pathogens and HIPAA to employee wellness 101. The eTrain POCT programs are developed by professional healthcare staff with screening and wellness industry experience. eTrain POCT provides a convenient post training knowledge assessment and certificate of completion to users. Organizations are able to easily track training completion and upcoming staff training renewal due dates.
  • eQC POCT is a cloud-based software solution designed to streamline device inventory and documentation of quality control practices. Statistical quality control reports, inclusive of Levey Jennings charts, are generated by the software. Users of eQC POCT can easily demonstrate compliance with federal and state regulations; saving time and money in the event of an audit. Reports are available at the licensing organization level as well as peer comparison in standard and custom queries.

“From retail pharmacies to health systems offering community outreach screening programs, to screening and wellness companies, eTrueNorth has the needed infrastructure to assist organizations better service their customers,” said May. “This technology is unique in that it is specifically designed for use by CLIA-Waived laboratories. We understand the challenges and opportunities that face point-of-care testing sites, such as Walmart pharmacies. Our ePOCT Suite of solutions help any organization that runs CLIA-Waived point-of-care tests become more efficient and help maintain compliance and accurate testing results.”  

About eTrueNorth
eTrueNorth is an innovative healthcare solutions provider that thinks differently about how to leverage technology to simplify healthcare processes.  eTrueNorth developed the ePOCT Suite™ of solutions to simplify administrative processes for organizations conducting CLIA-Waived, point-of-care testing.  This first of kind technology provides detailed guidance on CLIA-Waived federal, state and local regulatory requirements, policies and procedure manuals, identifies quality control issues in real time, tracks device inventory, and enables web-based staff training on topics pertinent to CLIA laboratory procedures and POCT.  For more information, visit or contact Steve Kendall at (469) 467-8684 or

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