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Yurii Artemenko, head of Ukraine’s National Council on TV and Radio is suspected of collaboration with Russia

Ukrainian journalists revealed the facts of the National Council on TV and Radio head Yurii Artemenko’s involvement in pro-Russian propaganda in Ukraine

KIEV, KIEV, UKRAINE, November 25, 2016 / -- A recent investigation by Ukrainian journalists revealed the facts of the National Council on TV and Radio head Yurii Artemenko’s involvement in pro-Russian propaganda in Ukraine, as it is described in details in the analytical article.
Yurii Artemenko’s patron and his fast-grown career ‘angel’ is a well-known Russian oligarch Konstantin Grigorishin. The relationship of these two famous people came down to the banal desire of the Russian businessman to get a ‘pocket’ Ukrainian Parliament Member. It is no secret that during his being a PM (2002-2005 and 2006-2007) Yurii Artemenko was very active in defending the interests of the Grigorishin’s companies located in Zaporizhia and united under the umbrella of ‘Metallurgy’ Corporation.
There are lots of references in the media about a conversation on sharing power in favour to Konstantin Grigorishin which happened in 2005 right after Mr Artemenko had been appointed a governor of Zaporizhia oblast. The conversation allegedly took place in the presence of the newly created governor, then the National Defence and Security Council of Ukraine secretary Petro Poroshenko and the minister of justice Roman Zvarych. At the meeting Yurii Artemenko was defined as a ‘liaison’ between the Russian billions of Konstantin Grigorishin and the ‘new’ ruling team in the person of Petro Poroshenko.
At the same period, in 2005 a scandal occurred after some documents had become available to the public showing that Yurii Artemenko allegedly repeatedly (during his being both a PM, and a governor) used charter flights to Moscow, paid by ‘Energy Standard Group’, an enterprise owned by Konstantin Grigorishin.
At that time a parliamentary inquiry was sent to the regional prosecutor in which a Yosyp Vinskyi, the PM urged to investigate the use of the charter flights. But the scandal was hushed up.
Currently, Yurii Artemenko is a head of the National Council of Ukraine on Television and Radio Broadcasting, and is responsible for the formation of the ideology inculcated in the minds of the Ukrainians over TV and radio.
However, being a government official, Mr Artemenko continues to do business, as it follows from his official declaration. According to the declaration, published on the webpage of the National Anti-Corruption Agency, Yurii Artemenko owns corporate rights in three corporations with a total value of 587.6 thousand hryvnas (‘MIG’ newspaper – 1%, ‘Evrointermedia’ Ltd – 17.25%, ‘Golden Inter Media’ Ltd – 11.1%).
According to the lawyer Ivan Lieberman, the law prohibits government officials to be involved in business and possess corporate rights, regardless of their form of ownership. Therefore, according to lawyers, law enforcement agencies (primarily, National Anti-Corruption Bureau) should pay attention to those officials who violate that norm.
Pseudo Ukrainian ideologist Yuri Aremenko gained the reputation of a notorious pro-Russian agent.
A public authority ruled by Yurii Artemenko strongly hinders the implementation of laws aimed at leveling influence of the Russian media and information product in Ukraine.
Not long ago Mr. Artemenko called the initiative of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine ‘the idiocy’ to introduce quotas for the minimum number of songs in Ukrainian in the radio broadcast. But after the Parliament adopted a law on quotas, the National Council did not find anything else than to publish an official explanation of the law.
Sergei Osnach, the leader of ‘Vidsich’ public movement, says on his Facebook page this explanation is more instruction in how to get around the law, and to continue broadcasting Russian songs.
Mr. Artemenko is indestructible in his desire to strengthen the pro-Russian ideology in Ukraine. Anyway he serves this ideology, from the moment he became a protégé of Konstantin Grigorishin.

Sergey Nebozhenko
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