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Appeal to the people of the Republic of Moldova

CHISINAU, CHISINAU, REPUBLIC OF MOLDOVA, November 18, 2016 / -- Appeal to the people of the Republic of Moldova
Dear fellow citizens,
November 13 will forever be remembered by all of us.
On November 13, 2016, we came out to vote to elect a president that would represent us all, honest citizens of this country. A president that would respect, protect and unite us all. This common will manifested itself through our unprecedented and inspiring mobilization in both rounds of election. We witnessed the concerted effort of our diaspora, which proved their love for the country by traveling hundreds, if not thousands of kilometers, to vote and thereby secure a better future for Moldova. Those still here at home have actively engaged in the process through personal participation, financial and other kind of support, and revived the most optimistic part of our society. This unprecedented mobilization is the ultimate proof that people still believe in democracy and want to have a say when the future of their country is at stake.
Unfortunately, the institutions of our captured state (the Parliament, the Government, the Central Election Commission, General Inspectorate Police, the Coordinating Council of the Audiovisual, the Prosecution Office, the Special Services) failed to warrant free and fair elections. Upheld by the servile administrative and press machine, Plahotniuc’s regime manipulated the entire electoral process for the single goal of installing its candidate, Igor Dodon, as the president of the country. This goal is part of the oligarch’s plan to cling to power and put off the time of accountability. Besides directly distorting of the electoral process, the regime allowed my opponent to break the law by resorting to illegal financial means, fraud, and calumny. The evidence of fraud is ample enough to cast doubt on the preliminary result of the election. We contest this result, and we will use all the available legal means to shed light on events and bring about justice. I want to be clear: I am not challenging the validity of any vote freely expressed by any citizen of the Republic of Moldova! I am contesting the votes obtained through fraud and the irregularities permitted by authorities, which vitiated the final vote count.
Instead of being eagerly interested in the elucidation of the cases of breach of rule, my opponent does everything to present our contestation as a conflict between my electorate and his electorate. He is afraid of truth! He falsely accused us of organizing the post-electoral protests. People voice their discontent regarding the way in which this election was organized. Now the PAS team concentrates on documenting all the cases that contributed to the rigging of the election process. Neither I, nor any other representative of PAS have called for protests, which means that any attempt at making us appear as the organizers of the recent street protests is a fresh collaborative undertaking of Dodon and Plahotniuc. Dodon keeps on practicing his campaign ways: lying, dividing, and stirring turmoil. He continues to make efforts to separate us from one another on the basis of criteria that are not only geopolitical (e.g., Pro-West vs. Pro-East), but also ethnic, political, religious and linguistic. Thus, he aims to divert the public attention from the numerous violations of the electoral rules.
A divided society is a weak and easily manipulable society. The Plahotniuc regime relies on such a society. Corrupt politicians love social antagonism. My opponent didn’t mention anything related to the fight against corruption in his recent speeches. And he has failed to talk about the appointment of a trustworthy attorney general and the retrieval of the 1 billion dollar fraud.
During the presidential election citizens united around the twofold objective of fighting corruption and strengthening state institutions. Plahotniuc and Dodon are trying hard to break this unity. Let us not give them satisfaction. Let us withstand their provocations.
On November 13th we came to the realization that we are an authentic force, capable to frighten the corrupt regime. This force, born as a reaction to the captive state’s betrayal of its citizens, which we have a duty to preserve and consolidate, constitutes our sole chance for a profound, lasting change of our society.
Dear citizens of Moldova,
The trust that you have granted me for these last weeks of the campaign--trust that culminated in the massive Sunday vote--makes me feel both extremely responsible and stronger. I am going to struggle to defend our fundamental right to decide the future of our country.
We won a moral victory in an unequal fight against a corrupt system which defies the rules of a normal, civilized political competition and makes recourse to illicit methods. During these elections, we opened a new way. We discovered one another; we motivated one another; we understood that we are not pieces in a state machinery that crushes ordinary people and that we can win. We earned our dignity as citizens and our confidence in our own power. We were able to resist the weight of a totalitarian regime; we will all the more be able to prevail in the context of cynical and corrupt regime, debilitated by its very immorality and egoism.
I promise never to forsake you. Let us come together once again and better organize. Let us not lose hope. We need to transform the popular enthusiasm that the election process has awakened in an energy capable to restore the Moldovan Republic’s freedom, democracy and welfare.
We will be waiting for response to our challenging the election results, and then we will come up with concrete plans or the future.
Dear friends, let us keep our unity--that is, the force that we demonstrated on November 13th. Let us give our country another chance, together.

Anastasia Taburceanu
Action and Solidarity Political Party
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