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Consumer Personal Care Products Brand "Body Detailer®" Seeks Corporate Alliance

Body Detailer shower products is the next big thing in personal care & hygiene for men

Is your innovation pipeline clogged with CRAP
— Body Detailer®
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 2, 2016 / -- Are you a large corporation in the beauty or personal care industry whose innovation pipeline is clogged with CRAP

"Strategic Partner Wanted" for this outstanding brand of consumer shower and hygiene products called Body Detailer®. Multinational players are always welcome to help us explore what could ultimately become the next big thing in the bathroom. If you're an established multinational corporation which either has a men’s line of personal care products or your company wants to venture into this growing category, we want to have a meeting with you if you’re not yet satisfied with your innovation pipeline.

Our goal is simple! To not compete with large companies, rather to help ONE Large Company do what they do best and capitalize on men’s grooming & personal care in new ways they never thought about. Body Detailer® has what we call an attractant factor built in; we know this because we’re told all the time by consumers who love the name. "Men relate to our brand in ways that's never been seen before and thats rare in this industry", says Gerald Crosby, founder of Body Detailer®. With new brands popping up in the beauty and personal care industry almost daily, Body Detailer® offers a highly competative strategy that'll likely drive profitability well into the future. Founded by a highly visionary leader, Gerald Crosby is building the architecture for new innovative products that don’t even exist yet in the marketplace. "Personal care products, although necessary, can be boring until they're not anymore", says Gerald Crosby, founder and CEO of Body Detailer LLC. "That’s what drives entrepreneurs behind any new brand to create new things all the bigger companies can’t seem to do on their own", he says. We're talking about new innovative products, not just things like soap or a new fragrance, which shareholders of large corporations depend on for continued profits. Body Detailer will launch cool new products we're just not seeing in the marketplace today. These new products once fully developed will set an example for other companies to further revamp their offerings as they try and compete with us. "Only thing the other companies cannot do is use our innovative name Body Detailer® on anything they happen to come up with". "My company will lead the way because the IP belongs to me as well as the vision, and thats not something anyone can copy", says Gerald.

Think of a new product that doesn’t exist, but if it did, 70% of households in America would buy one. Now think of an innovative upsell for those customers in relation to the product you just sold them. That’s precisely what the founder of Body Detailer is envisioning and the road map is just about completed. Bigger companies in the personal care products industry may have a profitable brand, but they don’t yet have a wildly profitable line of products which the world didn’t know they needed. These are all ideas for future innovation in personal care and those ideas are only in the head of one man.

Body Detailer® is the Next Big Thing, don’t let it get away!..........Let’s have a meeting

Gerald Crosby
Body Detailer LLC
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