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Koko the Gorilla's Art becomes fashion in support of The Gorilla Foundation

Koko's Art on Scarves

Lysa Nalin collaborates with Koko creating beautiful statement scarves

Lysa Nalin's beautiful statement scarves make Koko's paintings into wearable art!
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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, October 25, 2016 / -- The Gorilla Foundation along with Koko the Gorilla and Lysa Nalin have embarked upon an innovative creative venture to help generate solid support for the Foundation. Lysa Nalin an American art photographer and designer from Los Angeles, California contacted Jane Narich from the Foundation and together they devised the idea of using Koko's paintings to create memorable keepsakes.

Koko the American Sign Language speaking Gorilla has been an Aristé extraordinaire and has expressed herself with abstract and representational work on canvas for over a decade. With the unprecedented collaboration of Nalin, and The Gorilla Foundation, Koko's paintings meet fashion and today you can find these works of art as statement scarves. "Pink Pink Stink Nice Drink" and "Love" the first paintings by Koko printed onto both voile cotton and silk scarves, are the first offerings available to the public.

"Pink Pink Stink" meaning "flowers" ~ "Nice Drink" means "water" Koko was painting pink flowers on the bank of a river flowing into a lake.

"Love" was also subtitled 'Red' ~ demonstrating Koko's awareness of the love / heart connection.

Nalin has always viewed life from a scientific perspective, observing the depth of other creatures behaviors "People used to think I was projecting human emotions onto animals' traits, but the argument that their brains are smaller does not account for proportions ~
clearly, to me, they are thinking and observing just the same as us ~ Koko proves it! ~ When i saw her pick up Flea's bass and play, I knew I had to do something for her and her foundation! Maybe these pieces of wearable art will help support her and her family."

Camellia E. Cox *Atomic Spygirl

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