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The Secret Recipe for Powdered Alcohol to be Sold at Auction

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Oct. 20, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mark Phillips, the creator of Palcohol - powdered alcohol, has decided to auction off the secret formula and manufacturing process for Palcohol to the highest bidder in each of 130 counties. Phillips says, “We believe that Palcohol’s potential can be best realized by a person / company in the country who is familiar with the liquor laws and distribution systems.”

cosmo label
cosmo label

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Palcohol was approved for sale in the United States in March, 2015. The worldwide demand for Palcohol has been tremendous yet Phillips found navigating the liquor laws in each country to be a daunting task. With no other powdered alcohol currently being sold in the world, the auction winners will have a great opportunity to secure the market in their country.

Palcohol enables someone to just add water or a mixer to the powder and have an instant cocktail. While five versions of Palcohol were approved in the United States…Vodka, Rum, Cosmopolitan, Lemon Drop and Powderita (Margarita), with the secret formula, the winning bidder in each country can choose those versions or make up their own. The alcohol content can also be adjusted.

Palcohol has many applications. Because Palcohol is so light, airlines can reduce the weight on an airplane by serving powdered vs. liquid alcohol and save millions on fuel costs. The lightness is a boon for travelers, outdoor recreation enthusiasts and for medical personnel who can use it as antiseptic when they have to carry medicine into a disaster zone. Other possible uses include as fuel, whether in vehicles or in a soldier’s stove in his backpack. There are applications in pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, food production, etc. The applications seem to be endless. 

The auction begins January 1, 2017. Potential bidders must register with Lipsmark, the parent company of Palcohol, to show proof of funds. However, there is a Buy Now price for each country that enables someone to buy the rights for a country before the auction begins. Once the auction is over, the secret formula will be sent to all the winning bidders at the same time.

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