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Solved! Kardtects Makes How to Build a Card House Easier, Fun, and More Rewarding Than Ever Before

Kardtects: The Next Generation of Building Cards

Kids are building amazing card houses by using Kardtects Collectible Building Cards. Kardtects cards are especially designed to build the best card houses.

MILLVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, October 18, 2016 / -- The old way of building a card house, using the more slippery, smaller, and ordinary playing cards, is over. The next generation of building cards has arrived and solves the frustrating problems of the past. Kardtects Building Cards, available at, are exclusively designed to build the most fantastic card structures as simple and fast as possible. Kids are rediscovering the fun in building card structures.

The Founder of Kardtects, Jenny Kile, has over 40 years of experience in building card houses and knew what was needed to create the ultimate building card. A whole new kind of building card and system is being introduced and Kardtects (Card Architects) are creating amazing structures!

Kardtects Building Cards are:

*Unique in texture to offer more grip
*The perfect thickness for best strength and ease in building
*The Ideal size for building and children’s hands

And best of all

*They are unique in artistic qualities

Kids can build not only card houses, but castles, jungle huts, lost temples, pyramids, rocket ships, towers, card cities, and whatever else they imagine using Kardtects building cards.

Kardtects currently offers three distinct styles; Grisroc Castle, Jungle, and Desert building card sets. These are available in Starter and Expansion Packs.

Over 150 different and collectible building cards can be found within the Starter and Expansion Packs. The cards emulate real life features, and so if a child builds a castle, a pyramid, or jungle hut, it will look like one, complete, for example, with gated and torch lit entrances for castles, mummies and guarding pharaohs for pyramids, or stilts with vines wrapping around for a jungle tree house to sit upon. The ideas are endless, and Kardtects has more designs and sets in progress.

But what goes up, must come down, and Kardtects didn’t leave out this fun either! Included within each box of collectible building cards are cardboard disks to throw at the card houses to knock them down. These Destroyer Disks encourages kids to build again.

Kardtects takes the classic activity of building a card house to extreme new and exciting levels with Kardtects Building Cards. From just one starter box of cards, kids enjoy building, collecting, and destroying card structures. Three timeless activities all in one box. Fun from beginning to end, and then again.

Kids of all ages are becoming Kardtects(Card Architects)! Join the fun. Visit for more information.

Plus, contact Jenny Kile of Kardtects, to hear more about her building a record breaking tower of over 30 feet high with Kardtects Building Cards. She will be demonstrating Kardtects ability to build easier and faster than any other card on December 2nd at The Marketplace at Steamtown in Scranton Pa. Don't miss this exciting event! Learn more about this event on as well.

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