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Outraged Americans Now Have a Way to Change Their Government!

New Constitutional Amendment Proposes to Eliminate Corruption and Limit Government!

DENVER, COLORADO, USA, October 13, 2016 / -- The goal of The Limitations Amendment is to reduce spending, halt lobbying, and and establish term limits for congress AND the Supreme Court.

The Limitations Amendment, by an anonymous author "American Citizen", not only changes the fundamental way our current federal government is run, but seeks to do so via a Constitutional Convention, called by state legislatures.

This proposed constitutional amendment
* Mandates a balanced federal budget
* Establishes a limit to the amount of debt the federal government can incur
* Places a ceiling on income tax
-15% for individuals
-20% for corporations
*Sets 15 year term limits for congress persons (total time in either or both Senate and House)
*Sets a 15 year limit for Supreme Court Justices
*Modifies the legislative process,
-All bills must be authored by legislators
-Voids earmarks, riders, addenda, etc. attached to legislation
*Makes congressional pay and benefits the same as other government employees
*Provides that all congressional campaign funding come from the government
-Makes non-governmental campaign contributions illegal
*Outlaws lobbying
*Declares a corporation does not enjoy the same rights as an individual

The website includes the full text of the proposed amendment, ways to contact an individual's state legislators, a copy of the current constitution, as well as how our current constitution provides for a constitutional convention called by state legislatures, bypassing the US Congress.

American Citizen
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Limitations Amendment

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