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Excelite Polycarbonate Swimming Pool Enclosure Voted the Best in Safety Equipment Category 2016

Excelite Plastic Ltd. is pleased to announce that Excelite polycarbonate pool enclosures have been voted the best safety equipment category in 2016.

SUZHOU, JIANGSU, CHINA, October 5, 2016 / -- Excelite Plastic Ltd. is pleased to announce that Excelite polycarbonate pool enclosures have been voted the best safety equipment category in 2016. In the recent past, consumers have been demanding for pool enclosures that guarantee 100% safety and protection. Swimming pool safety is a major concern due to the increasing number of drowning incidents as reported by the CDC.

“Safety is an integral aspect we pay attention to in our swimming pool enclosure manufacturing process,” said Angela, Excelite General Manager. “All our enclosures must pass the strict quality test before shipping to ensure they are UV protected, complies with EN and ASTM standards. Our self-latching gate makes it impossible for kids or intruders to access the pool without your permission, so, this is a product your clients can count on. We are happy, our efforts on pool safety has finally been recognized.”

The voting was based on these three fundamental swimming pool safety aspects:

1.Strength of swimming pool enclosure

Excelite swimming pool enclosures passed all possible tests used to determine the overall strength and different sections of the retractable pool. These pool enclosures are constructed from extruded aluminum rods and solid polycarbonate sheets.
The enclosures can withstand a 900 kg load distributed with a 1.5m radius and a wind speed of 230km/hr. The pool enclosures are suitable for tornado prone areas such as South and North Carolina. They are not affected by heavy snow.
Therefore, the swimming pool enclosure will cannot collapse.

2.Manufacturing process complies with safety standards

These pool enclosures are ASTM and EN compliant. For further quality verification, the pool enclosures must pass the 3 feet snow test.

This test involves:

Evaluating wind speed in different environmental conditions
Determining relative deformation of structural components
Analyzing enclosure frame maximum stress and torsion
Small missile tests using steel balls
Large missile tests using a 2*4 ball propelled at 38 mph

All these still confirm the fact that Excelite pool enclosures are strong and reliable.

3.Unique design with safety in mind

Excelite pool enclosure most come in semicircular or gable shape. They are streamlined in shape, thus, wind can blow over the enclosure without exerting much force or pressure on the surface. This surface also allows for snow to slide from the roof surface to the ground. All these eliminate unnecessary force that can be exerted on the pool enclosure.

The polycarbonate is coextruded with anti-ultraviolet radiation substrates. They have a non-climbable surface with a door locking mechanism that features self-latching mechanism.

So far, no polycarbonate, pool enclosure has been returned to the factory due to safety concerns.

About Excelite Plastics Ltd.

Excelite Plastic Ltd. is the leading polycarbonate swimming pool manufacturer in China. With a price range between $2,999 and $12,000; the enclosures offer a price advantage and conforms to required safety standards (ASTM and CE). Excelite pool enclosures come with a 15 year warranty with unmatched wind speed and snow load rating.
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