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Startup Green Traveler Brings the best travel-friendly, Reusable To-Go Container to Kickstarter Oct 18th.

Many unique features including usable volume and empty weight.

Hanging from a bag or belt loop, it is easy to carry.

Nice meal wherever you go

A reusable travel Container with four compartments of liquid-tight storage is one of the world's best for lunch and snacks because it clips easily to a bag

"It’s just like a reusable water bottle. You can put it inside or outside your bag whether you take it traveling or biking, to the office or to the mountains."
— James Robinson
SAN FRANCISCO, CA, UNITED STATES, October 18, 2016 / -- Green Traveler LLC, a company which is dedicated to providing the best portable reusable to-go container and other related products in order to adhere to their sustainability goals & green traveling concept. The initial launch of the Original GreenTraveler is available today at special early-bird prices. Search GreenTraveler on The GreenTraveler container is a convenient and headache-free way for anyone in the family to carry food and other items to work, school, during traveling, biking, and on your outdoor adventure trips.

The GreenTraveler (GT) beautifully defines its tagline “The Wise Way To-Go.” The GT container is a smart way to take food & liquids with you either to the office or outdoors, without any waste, leaks, spills, and those pesky lid popping problems. It has four isolated compartments that can keep your food items dry inside as well as hold liquids in, such as soups, drinks, coffee, or spaghetti. It aims to be one of the best food containers for lunch on the go or leftovers from restaurants.

The GreenTraveler is made of ABS plastic without BPA or phthalates and, is deemed to be safe for food under the FDA U.S. Code of Federal Regulations and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) laws. ABS plastic material not only passes all the food & safety regulations but it also has high heat resistance property, so you can use it in a microwave and dishwasher. With unparalleled build quality and material safety, the GT leak-proof food container is suitable for, among other uses:

• Packing a lunch for a day out, picnic or outdoor trip.
• Taking fresh food or meal leftovers with you.
• Packing delicious, fresh lunch for your children.
• Filling delicious food at a deli or food truck.
• Carrying First Aid or other medical supplies while boating.

Additional features include the usable volume and empty weight printed on each compartment of the container to measure the food you eat or buy pre-made food from a hot bar without paying for the weight of the container. The cashier can know the specs of the container and charge accordingly. It has loops for carabiners or straps and clips for added portability and security.

The company's mission is to make it easy for people to enjoy waste-free, daily healthy living, outdoor trips and avoid carrying their food in those disposable to-go boxes. The GreenTraveler provides eco-Friendly, dynamic, and sustainable to-go ware. The GT container will be available in your choice of color. You can cast your vote for your favorite color at the company's website You can even ask the company to get hydrographics of any pattern/color applied on your GT container for some a small additional amount.

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About Green Traveler, LLC
Founded by environmental engineers and entrepreneurs James Robinson and Juliene Wintermute, Green Traveler brings the most convenient products for travelers and nature lovers who don't like styrofoam food containers or leaking containers in their bags. As an environmentally responsible business, Green Traveler are is committed to providing products that consider convenience of people and sustainability of the planet with every decision.
The company wants to inspire people to take fresh food with you them on the go for a more healthy and sustainable lifestyle, without any wastage and the headache.

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