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Charlottesville Cat Care Clinic Provides Recommendations for Kitten Adoption Season

/EIN News/ -- CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va., Aug. 07, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kitten season begins in spring and stretches to early fall, making summer an opportune time to adopt a new furry family member, reports Charlottesville Cat Care Clinic. Before introducing a kitten or cat into the home, pet owners should take the time to consider and prepare for several situations.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals notes that intact adult female cats may have two or more litters of kittens in one season. This annual increase in feline population is difficult for animal shelters to accommodate. When you adopt a kitten, you save a life threatened by the lack of resources needed to sustain it.

"If you have adopted a kitten, or are thinking about adding one to your family, we would love to meet you," Dr. Mahanes says. "Our clinic strictly caters to the care of felines. We provide a calm, quiet, dog-free environment which appeals to cats."

Charlottesville Cat Care Clinic has recommendations on how to integrate a new cat into the home. Dr. Mahanes says, “Cats are social animals who become lonely when left by themselves for long periods of time. If you can afford to do so,” she suggests, “adopt two kittens to keep each other company.” It may be wise to seek cats with similar personalities. Veterinarians at Charlottesville Cat Care Clinic can explain differences in breeds.

Pet owners should also remember to kitten-proof their house by protecting appliance cords and computer cables from dangerous chewing.

Additionally, Dr. Mahanes notes, “Before adding a pet to your household, it's best to review short- and long-term budget concerns. Basic veterinary care includes wellness exams for identifying any health problems, dental care, dietary advice, microchipping to aid in the return of your cat in the event they get lost, and parasite prevention such as intestinal parasites, fleas, heart worms, etc.”

Regular wellness visits help pet owners save money by keeping their cat healthy. Visits to the veterinarian help pets become comfortable with veterinary care and are good times for cat owners to ask questions and learn about their life stages.

Dr. Maire Mahanes is a long-time resident of Charlottesville, having graduated from the University of Virginia followed by the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine. After working for a number of years in small animal practices, she opened the Charlottesville Cat Care Clinic in 1993.

Services at the clinic include preventative care, vaccinations, medical and surgical therapies, diagnostics (blood work on site, digital X-Ray, etc.), short- and long-term boarding for cats of all ages, and grooming, including complete body clips, is also available.

The Charlottesville Cat Care Clinic, at 1901 Seminole Trail, is open Monday through Saturday. To make an appointment, please contact the clinic online or call (434) 975-2287. Additional information on their full range of veterinary services can be found on their website at

Charlottesville Cat Care Clinic, (434) 975-2287