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Eyes on Henry Optometrist Offering Premier Optical Coherence Tomography for Early Detection of Serious Conditions

/EIN News/ -- SPARTANBURG, S.C., July 03, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Eye and vision care provider, Eyes on Henry, would like to make Spartanburg and surrounding area residents aware of their advanced optical coherence tomography services. This state-of-the-art technology has revolutionized optometry in the realm of early detection of serious eye health issues.

Optical coherence tomography, or OCT, refers to a technology that facilitates a highly effective, accurate and non-invasive eye imaging test. The system utilizes light waves to take a series of cross-section photos of the eye’s light-sensitive tissue called the retina.

Optical coherence tomography is the first instrument of its kind that allows optometrists to see a cross-sectional image of the retina. An OCT is similar to a targeted CT scan of the eye’s inner workings. The doctor can view and evaluate the various layers of the retina in great detail.

Optometrists who look into the eyes manually can only see certain layers of the retina. The optical coherence tomography tool assists optometry professionals in seeing much deeper into the retina and in more detail. The result is the ability to detect serious eye conditions like glaucoma and macular degeneration much sooner. Earlier detection allows for rapid, focused treatment and a better chance of assisting clients in averting eye health issues and vision loss.

Dr. Louis Martin explains, “The OCT technology and procedure is non-invasive and extremely easy on patients. It is similar to having a photograph taken of the back of the eye, with no risks or ill effects. This technology is revolutionizing preventative eye care and allowing extremely serious eye conditions to be detected early enough that preventative measures are more effective.”

Spartanburg optometrist, Eyes on Henry, offers a range of ocular services including vision exams for glasses and contact lenses. Exams include the assessment, treatment and monitoring of medical eye issues. Past medical history and any current vision symptoms will also be carefully considered.

Visual acuity for reading and distance vision, general eye functioning, color vision, eye muscle capability, depth perception and focusing ability can be tested. Tonometry and close examination of the internal eye structures assist the Eyes on Henry Spartanburg optometrists in their comprehensive assessment of each client’s eye health.

Eyes on Henry also offers co-management services for refractive eye surgery (LASIK) and cataract surgery. The use of optical coherence tomography makes it easier than ever to identify serious eye conditions in their earliest stages. Treatment can then be undertaken with a much greater chance of success.

Eyes on Henry is located at 399 East Henry Street in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Those in the public who have further questions about optical coherence tomography or who wish to book an appointment may do so by calling (864) 585-0208. More information is also available at their website at

Eyes on Henry, (864) 585-0208