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ChemOutsourcing 2016 Unique Networking Event for Biopharmaceutical Company Chemistry Sourcing Executives

/ -- TEANECK, NJ --(Marketwired - May 24, 2016) - ChemOutsourcing 2016 announced today that over 150 Medicinal Chemistry and CMC Sourcing executives from Biopharmaceutical companies around the world will be gathering in New Jersey from September 18-21, 2016 to attend the 10th anniversary event, reports Mark Alexay, President of ChemOutsourcing, the host. "We are increasingly building close relationships with the small companies developing new therapeutics who also need CROs and CMOs and move their NCE's into clinic. The event has turned into an important place for this type of business to take place," Alexay added.

"We have also learned from sourcing executives that ChemOutsourcing is an unique venue to meet one's peers. I am told there is no other opportunity for executive scientists who contract external chemistry services to meet their counterparts from the other companies. In response, we have set up private breakfast meetings rooms for them to meet each other."

The list of the 150 Biopharmaceutical company attendees is at

ChemOutsourcing is an annual USA chemical Intermediate and API event that takes place in New Jersey for the Pharmaceutical, Contract Research and Contract Manufacturing industries. It attracts about 800 attendees and 100 exhibitors from 30 countries in North America, Asia, and Europe.

Alexay went on to add, "The networking events for sourcing executives started in 2015 and were well received. This year we expanded them so that Discovery and Medicinal Chemists can meet one day and CMC on another. We find that chemists from the smaller companies often do all the contract chemistry work so the gatherings are especially helpful. Many useful contacts are made."

Alexay concluded, "The trade show hall draws over 100 exhibitors from around the world and is a secondary benefit for attendees. Executive scientists who contract chemistry services travel extensively and the show affords them a venue to schedule supplier meetings, too. It's so much more efficient for everyone to meet in a central place than to travel around the globe." The 2016 exhibitor list is

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